Jim McMahon: Medical marijuana got me off narcotic pain killers

Posted on March 09 2016

I recently wrote an article about the Weed For Warriors campaign, highlighting both the dangers of certain prescription narcotics and how a refusal to allow people medicine (marijuana) borders on being a violation of human rights. If any other form of medicine was refused a sick person there would be outrage, right? Yet somehow people who can truly helped with medicinal marijuana are refused it time and again. It’s crazy.

Anyway,  here is another news story that serves as a nice illustration of my original points. This is a story that is pretty close to me as I once had a friend who become completely hooked on pain killers and it got him stronger than any of my friends who have had marijuana ever! It was awful.

Former Super Bowl Champion Jim McMahon has suffered a variety of health problems since retiring. These include early onset dementia, severe headaches, depression, memory loss, and vision and speech problems. He has also suffered a broken neck.

McMahon was prescribed a variety of strong pain killers to help him get through these troubles. The trouble is, his body soon became completely reliant on them and they began to work less and less. It is only recently that he switched to medical marijuana as an alternative to this dependency. Before that, he said, he'd been taking 100 Percocet pills a month for pain in his shoulders, neck and arms.

"They were doing more harm than good," he said. "This medical marijuana has been a godsend. It relieves me of the pain — or thinking about it, anyway."

McMahon currently leaves in Arizona where medical marijuana is legal, but had he lived in many other states he would not have had this option and may well still be addicted to the prescription painkillers. That he had this option makes him a lucky one, but his story simply reaffirms that everyone should have the option!

McMahon has said he prefers the indica strain for its higher content of THC, the part of the plant that gets users high. But he says he maintains a clear head without the "fuzziness" he got from pain pills.



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