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Product Information

Afghan Kush Ryder is one of our autoflowering strains and is a cross between Afghan Kush and Ruderalis. Our Afghan Kush mother is a Kush strain from a small zone in northern Afghanistan where they have been backcrossing Kush genes for generations, resulting in this very stable, almost 100% Indica variety. The Afghan Kush Ryder strain can be grown indoors or outside where it can reach a height of 80-90cm. Given that it doesn't rely on photoperiodism to flower, it can be grown at any time of the year. For indoor growth we recommend a constant 20/4 day-night photoperiod. Outdoors, it can be planted out in March to harvest in May then planted out again in June for an August harvest. With THC levels of 21.6%, it's very potent with a soporific effect and hashish-like aroma. High medicinal value.

Bank: World of Seeds Bank
Way of crop: Exclusive for indoors. Outdoors the crop is reserved for the months from may/june when the photoperiod is on its maximum.
Linage: Pure Landrace proceeding from Afghanistan re-crossed with Ruderalis.
Genotype: indica-ruderalis 100%
Hight: 40-80 cm
Wide: Limitated to what one stem can proporcionate. It is not recommended to do cuttings with autoflowering strains.
Growing phase: its growing phase depends on its flowering phase.
Flowering phase: 45-55 days indoors and outdoors. Its flowering does not depend on a photo period.
Production: 100-150 gr /m2 indoors

Resistance to mildew: High
Resistance to plagues: Middle/ High.
Irrigation tolerance: It does not like to many irrigations because of its ruderalis genetic. Fertilization is tolerated specially in advanced phases of flowering.

Medical value: High
Smell: Hahs
Taste: Noble wood
Effect: very narcotic, almost devastating.

THC Level: 22%

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