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Product Information

The autoflowering version of the AK49 offers a strong and auto-flowering variant of one of the most popular strains of cannabis ever created. A smell of spice and a sweet taste, as well as the incredible strength of the AK 49 Auto is reminiscent of hte original AK 49 but the introduction of the Lowryder strain means that the autoflowering version can be grown in almost any situation and under any conditions. Expect a pungent odour when growing, though, to match the strong stoned effect she also offers.

Feminized: Yes
Autoflower: Yes
Strain Origin: AK-49 x Lowryder
Strain Genetics: Mostly Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis
THC Level: +/- 20%
CBD level: n/a
Average Height: 50 - 70 cm
Average Yield: 30 - 50gr per plant
Flowering time: +/- 9 weeks
Harvest outdoor: n/a
High Experience: Strong psychoactive impact, euphoric and stimulating effect

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