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Product Information

The AK49 is as powerful as the name would suggest and it offers a smell that is very similar to that of Skunk but has a slightly woodier smell. It is also sweet smelling and has a very high level of THC; the plants can be grown either indoor or outdoor and the resulting cannabis is often used for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.

The strain is around 65% Sativa, has a 20% THC level when grown in ideal conditions, and hte plants will usually remain short to medium in size. They will flower in approximately 9 weeks at the most.

Genetic Variety: Mostly Sativa, Sativa (65%) Indica (35%)
THC level: + / - 20%
Average height: 50-70 cm
Production average: 450 g / m
Flowering time: 8 - 9 weeks
Outdoor harvest: October

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