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Short Stuff - Russian Rocket Fuel

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Product Information

This is our Russian Rocket Fuel strain which resulted from the crossing of a heavy Indica strain having very dense resinous buds with an automatic NYC diesel bringing an exotic high and intense fruity smell to the mix. This strain packs a punch and emits a wonderful fuel-like aroma.

Hiding within the genetic composition of Short stuff seed banks Russian Rocket Fuel is a mammoth. The Russian Rocket Fuel Bush phenol is an amazingly bushy phenotype receiving loads of attention which explains why it is now our top selling auto strain.

Type: Autoflowering Indica/sativa hybrid
Height: 11 - 18 inches
Harvest: 8-10 weeks from seed
Yield: 18 - 32g per plant
Effect: euphoric high
Potency: 9/10

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