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This is Seedism's first new strain to be released in 2012.

Ever since the Strawberry Cough was released we knew that this plant had lots of potential. The few phenotypes available through the coffeeshops ranged from a very refreshing fruity to more creamy berry taste, but all with this lingering fruity aftertaste that could be recognised as strawberry.

Initially we thought that breeding with the Strawberry Cough would be easy, just find the strongest plants with the best taste and potency and cross it with a few different males to see which works best. Unfortunately breeding did not start as smoothly as had hoped for and it took quite a while before we found the right strain to hybridise the Strawberry Cough.

Only one of our stable Skunk/Shiva hybrids would allow the smell and tastes of the Strawberry Cough to come through, and perhaps even enhance it.

With our male Shiva/Skunk we have also lowered the average height of this strain, making these seeds even easier to grow.

Growth patterns of the Big Red are quite uniform, semi-tall plants with long side-branches, and this plant does not need a long vegetative period. Easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, but need stem support during the flowering cycle.

The nicest thing about growing the Big Red is the actual growing itself, pretty and healthy leafs all the way through with a beautiful fresh smell of berries and herbs. Those growers with an understanding of drying and curing will get the most out of this strain, the fruitiest buds will start tasting divine after about 4-8 weeks.

Big Red has a nicely balanced cannabinoid profile with quite a low amount of CBD making this a medium strength relaxant. Due to this lower level of CBD there is no lack of motivation after consuming the Big Red, which will mostly be a stimulating and positive experience.

Big Red is one sexy little plant, with beautiful colours when flowering in cooler periods.

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
THC/CBD: 17%/0.5%
Effect: Medium relaxing effect on the muscles, clear inspirational high.
Yield: 300-500grams

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