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Nirvana - Short Rider

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Product Information

Short Rider is a hybrid of our discontinued strains Top 44 and Early Special. Top 44 has long been a trade favourite because of its ability to produce commercially worthwhile amounts of strong, skunky buds in just 44 days of flowering. Even though Early Special itself lacks this characteristic, its Siberian Ruderalis genes give Short Rider the unique ability to "autoflower" – to flower independently of light cycles. This means you won’t need to maintain a strict lighting schedule for this strain – it will flower regardless! Short Rider is a must for growers with limited space or who simply want to finish extra early. The quality is amazing considering how little time it takes to finish.

Height: short
Effect: Stoned – relaxing
Indoor/outdoor: indoor/outdoor
THC content: medium; 8-15%
Flowering weeks: 8 or fewer
Yield (S.O.G.): 450-550g
Difficulty: moderate

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