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Product Information

The world-renowned Malawi Gold is finally available in seed form. South Africa's most sought after Sativa, for its sweet earthy to lemonesque scents and flavour, very easy to grow with heavy results. Dense buds swell and grow and it has a stone of exceptional quality, beautiful, earthy and introspective that works on so many levels. You can feel the history these plants have with mankind. These buds are traditionally wrapped in banana leaves and buried to cure, which produces a very smooth palate. A very popular choice for those in the know.

Genetics: 100% Malawi Gold Landrace Sativa
Flavour: Sweet/Lemon
THC: 14-18%
Yield: 650-750 g/m²
Characteristics: easy to grow, heavy buds, multi-branch Christmas tree
Flowering time: 10/12 weeks

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