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Product Information

Granddaddy Purple Seeds Phantom Cookies lives up to its reputation among patients - this dynamic, potent cross of our award-winning Phantom and Bay Platinum Cookies will not disappoint. 

This unique strain with two vibrant shades of green dotted with golden resin hairs and a distinct touch of purple throughout is as effective as it is appealing.  With its mouth-watering cookie dough flavor, this proprietary strain is sticky to the touch while smooth on the draw and the effects will be certain to leave you smiling and comfortably numb. 

Phantom Cookies medicinal properties include:  sleeping aid, stress and pain relief, and relaxation of the body and mind. 

Marijuana type: Hybrid (65% sativa, 35% indica)

Genotype:  Cherrie Pie x GrandDaddy Purp

Outdoor Specifications:
height:  6' - 8'
flowering: 8-9 weeks
start date: June 1
finish date: Oct 1
yield: 1.25 - 2lbs / plant

Indoor Specifications:
height 4' - 6'
flowering: 8-9 weeks
start cycle (veg): 2-4 weeks
finish cycle: 10-13 total weeks
yield: 1.25 - 1.75 lbs / 1000w

THC: 15% - 23%
CBD: .037%
CBN: 0.09%

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