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Grapefruit and Ice were merged to create this excellent quality plant that retains the medicinal effects of both parents. ICED Grapefruit has the quality of being the best painkiller for brains from its Grapefruit parent whilst ICE adds the attributes of a bodily and dense painkiller.
Famous world wide for making folk dazed and joyful, ICED Grapefruit also retains this quality from its Sativa background and it is certainly preferable to pharmaceutical anti-depressants that make you unfeeling and dull. The Grapefruit effect always makes people feel exultant and enlightened.
The plant of ICED Grapefruit will give you buds that are long and a height of about 1.20m. Flowering after eight weeks you will love the scent of grapefruit and black hash and with exceptional medicinal opportunities ICED Grapefruit may be the one for you.

Indica/sativa: 40/60
Flowering time: around 8 weeks, mid october outdoors

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