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Here it is as requested by our #DNA_Army. This might be the largest yielding hybrid of OG Kush ever. Blue Dream is a staple strain on the West Coast USA. If its for production on a big scale it's most likely Blue Dream. Blue Dream brings good taste and yields of up to 31bs per light if your good. So lets imagine how your flowers are going to look like with this one... Big, fat, THC-coated flowers that SMELL like OG Kush. The lemon flavour of the Capt. Krypt OG dominates with the heavy Blue Dream yield! If the classic Blue Dream doesn't do it for you try this updated hybrid.

Genetics: Blue Dream x Capt. Krypt OG
Type: 80% Indica 20% Sativa
Flowering Time: 60- 70 days
Yield: Possible record breaker

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