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Dinafem - Santa Sativa

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Moby Dick’s sativa cousin is equally demanding in terms of light and feeding providing better a quality effect than its cousin, higher, more mental and not so heavy. It needs lots of zinc, iron, nitrogen, magnesium and a pH under 6.3, to avoid iron or zinc deficiencies. Welt aired and warm soil is fundamental to avoid this kind of problem. It grows vigorously and quickly and needs quite a lot of space to grow properly. It adapts very well to SCROG and can easily be bent outdoors to limit its height.

Predominant scents include wood and pine with a touch of spices, giving a strong smelt after it has been cured; the THC level is very high, giving a strong and clear effect with a gentle somewhat physical comedown. Extremely powerful.

Flowering period: 65-70 days
Harvest outdoors: From 15th to 25th October
THC: Very high (16%-20%)
CBD: Low
Production: Very high
Height outdoors: Up to 4.5m
Blend: sativa with a 20% Indica
Genotype: Haze x (Northern Lights X Skunk)

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