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Product Information

Fruit Automatic, the automatic form of Grapefruit, allows for a midsummer experience without too many problems. It can stand cold weather quite well so can be planted in the last week of May for a yield in the last week of July.
Our automatic strain with its Grapefruit genetics has more resin, production and flavour together with a stronger effect. Larger than other automatics Fruit Automatic will flower after only 60-65 days from germination.
Loads of sweet smelling resin and buds as sticky as can be, Fruit Automatic is thick with Indica type leaves which have a quality that ensures you want to get close and have a good sniff even though the aroma is strong! Be careful of those crystals though!
Fruit Automatic has the lovely qualities of its parent, Grapefruit, such as prettiness, autumnal hues and the excellent productivity, flavour and effect. Irresistible!

Flowering at 20 hours: 60-65 days
Outdoor harvests: from April to October.
THC: Medium (6% - 12%)
CBD: High
Production: From 20 to 50 gr
Height: In soil from 30 to 85 cm. In hydro culture up to 100 cm
Composition: Ruderalis 25% Indica 55% Sativa 20%
Genotype: (Lowrider#1 x Dinafem #1) x Grapefruit

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