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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x White Widow

    A cross between our own Afghan Kush, which is characterised by its high medicinal value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands, and a stabilised White Widow hybrid, this is a compact, medium-sized plant with copious trichomes. While White...

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  • Green LabelFem AK Widow 47

    AK Widow 47 consists of two strains that can be found on virtually every coffeeshop menu in the Netherlands: AK 47 and White Widow.AK 47 brings a nice infusion of sativa genes into this cross, creating a slightly more uplifting high compared to the heavy...

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  • PyramidFem Auto White Widow

    Auto White Widow is an autoflowering version of one of the best known and most widely loved cannabis strains in the world. White Widow has won numerous awards and continues to reap praise for its growing ability as well as for its incredible taste, flavour,...

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  • Ministry of CannabisFem Auto White Widow

    This auto flowering plant is the auto flowering version of the White Widow, one of the most well-known cannabis plants on the planet and one of our bestsellers ever since. This little jewel is a stable and steady producer of buds that are comparable, at...

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  • CBDFem Auto Widow

    This was our first autoflowering variety. Result of crossing and stabilise two of the best individual machines, we sought a variety that will give you the flavor and odor characteristics which in our opinion, was missing. This was achieved with the Widow, heavy producing flowers and flowering...

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  • LowlifeReg/Fem Automatic White Widow

    The Automatic White Widow is popular autoflowering variant that crossed the Auto AK47 with a White Widow. The end result is a couchlock effect that will take root in next to no time and offer incredible highs for all around. Autoflowering plants are easier to...

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  • Green LabelFem Automatic Widow

    The Automatic Widow strain is an autoflowering cannabis strain that is very popular with commercial growers. Pruning is not necessary for this lady and she only requires between 15 and 18 hours of light in order to give medium sized plants that offer great performance....

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  • Dutch PassionFem AutoWhite Widow

    After several years of careful selection Dutch Passion are pleased to introduce our special AutoWhite Widow Cannabis Seeds. This is the long-awaited automatic version of our best-selling original White Widow. AutoWhite Widow is a vigorous and strong auto which gives a powerful high, she was...

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  • PositronicsFem Black Widow

    HYBRIDISATION Light endogamic cross between two exceptional indica varieties. The Misty gene was revolutionary in the BOs. The origin of this variety remains a closely guarded secret but, given its high CBD levels, Positronics decided to preserve it by importing it directly from the USA....

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  • FemaleFem Black Widow

    A most infamous strain that has acquired acclaim from most corners of the globe - rightly so. It has a pedigree of parentage that combines a Brazilian Sativa with a South Indian hybrid. More stable than the original White Widow with a better yield. One...

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  • Mr NiceReg Black Widow

    Black Widow is rich in heritage having been grown and improved upon since 1994. In this time it has won multiple awards including the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Black Widow has an incredible resin production and with indoor growth it will experience flowering within...

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  • DinafemFem Blue Widow

    This F1 hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow has been created to give flavour, taste and colour. The intense sweet & sour taste of White Widow and the forest berry aroma of Blueberry, when mixed, create a blend of fruity sweets that smells like chewing...

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  • ProfessionalFem Critical Widow

    Critical Widow is, of course, a cross betwee Widow and Critical to give plants that have a very high THC level and very generous yield. This means that she has both strength and productivity, which is a rare combination indeed. You will have to wait...

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  • Green FantasyFem Critical Widow

    The result of crossing one of the most efficient and superior quality White Widow marijuana strains to create this high producer with a dramatic intense fruity sweet flavour and powerful brain effect – 27.5% THC

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  • ProfessionalFem Critical Widow 2


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  • ProfessionalFem Critical Widow Auto


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