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  • Underground OriginalsReg Blues

    The Blues cannabis strain has a powerful, relaxing effect, that makes it popular with smokers. It also has a great taste that is a little sweet and very memorable. The effect of Blues is that of an old school stoned whereby you will feel giggly...

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  • Underground OriginalsReg KillerSkunk

    The strainís brainy hit makes it a jubilant and elevating mood enhancer. It similarly provides decent audio visual enhancements. Killer Skunk is great for socialising, especially at parties or more intimate events. Also, if you prefer it, you will find that the hit can be...

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  • Underground OriginalsReg Oldtimes

    If you're seeking a classic Sativa-dominant/Indica hybrid then look no further. This strain has some ESB in its family tree and has retained some ESB characteristics although, with a full-bodied and upbeat high, and a less pungent aroma, some consider it to be even nicer...

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  • Underground OriginalsReg SmellyBerry

    Cerebral Hit: A mellowing, calming cerebral hitter, with no trace of a paranoid edge to it. The mind is opened to a stimulated imagination and a large smile follows. Physical Hit: A feeling of bodily relaxation and lightness, a cannabinoid massage of the highest order....

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  • Underground OriginalsReg Smile

    Smile is an indica sat hybrid, much more indica dominant than anything I have ever released before. I made it for people who don't have a lot of head room and would like to get an idea of what a sativa high is like. Every...

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  • Underground OriginalsReg UGORG#1

    Type: Sativa/Indica F1 Hybrid. Parentage: UK Clone only "(Exodus) Cheese" x UK Clone only Blues/Livers(UGORG) Harvest Indoors: 8 – 10 weeks, depending on psychoactive effect sought. For brighter, more "Sativa" highs, crop at week 8 - 9. For a more robust (and perhaps a more...

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