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  • True Canna GeneticsReg Broad Leaf Black

    A true Indica with heavy narcotic properties and couch lock that is sure to test even the highest tolerance. Kushy lemon and lime flavours blend with rotten meat and musky sour milk overtones that are apparent even in seedlings.  Strong plants and great branching make...

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  • True Canna GeneticsReg Sagans Star

    A very special pheno of vintage Sensi Star with incredible perma grin high and anti depressant properties was selected and combined with the stunning SFV OG/Chemdog male.  Flavours are heavy metallic lemon with rotten meaty undertones. Heavy trichome coverage makes for an ideal hash making...

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  • True Canna GeneticsFem Terperella

    Introducing "Terperella" the extract artists’ dream strain. Legendary Chocolope cut (DNA Genetics) is combined with vintage Super Silver Haze (Green House Seeds). Indica trait selection enables us to bring a heavily sativa dominant strain with a relatively short flowering time of 9-10 weeks, making her very...

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  • True Canna GeneticsReg The Truth

    Classic old school OG Kush elite the Triangle Kush is given a boost of vigor to create an extremely branchy OG Kush dominant strain.  Big dense bud, incredible trichome coverage and raw potency are sure to satisfy even the fussiest of connoisseurs. The aggressive terpenes...

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