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  • Super StrainsFem 7th Wave

    7th Wave by Super Strains is a rare kind of indica. It is a good grower that will be suited to all levels of cultivation experience and is particularly suited to the outdoors. This strain offers reasonable growing times for a generous yield. 7th Wave...

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  • Super StrainsFem Amajikoym

    Amajikoym by Super Strains is a tough nut to crack, but if you can manage it you will be rewarded with some truly high quality cannabis. This for the more experienced and veteran cultivators amongst you, Amajikoym is a very demanding mistress that will react...

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  • Super StrainsFem Amnesia

    Created by a Dutch breeder, Amnesia is extremely productive and has a powerful effect. Please treat with respect; it is overwhelmingly powerful and can caused blackouts. This Haze/Northern Lights cross is a best seller year after year in every coffee shop in Holland. It is...

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  • Super StrainsFem El Cucaracha

    El Cucaracha by Super Strains is a strong, easy grower that offers a mellow high. It is ideal for the novice cultivators and smokers out there as this strain will treat you right and tolerate most of the mistakes the inexperienced may make. The high...

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  • Super StrainsFem Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State is a landrace from the Kashmir region. A pure indica withsuperior growth and blooming qualities. Enemy of the State is an indica high CBDcontent, this provides a fine body effect and partly due to the high CBD content. Enemy of the...

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  • Super StrainsFem Next of Kin

    One of the later harvested strains. Less indica so a little longer for blooming, almost 11 weeks indoor. Seen from a hazy point of view 11 weeks isn't that long compared to the weight she caries its even short. An average of 650gr/m2 puts her...

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