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  • SweetFem + Speed

    3rd generation autoflowering. Hybrid result of crossing between a Critical Mass automatic, selected by its rapid flowering and pleasant and intense aroma, and a very fast flowering Devil #2.  Autoflowering seeds developed genetically to be very fast flowering and can be harvested just 7 weeks...

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  • 00 SeedsFem 00 Kush

    The Northern Indian 00 Kush is an Indica plant that yields excellent buds that are packed with resin. Popular for its citrussy aroma, 00 Kush has a powerful high. The seeds are recommended for indoor cultivation and are considered suitable even for novice growers. INDOOR:...

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  • MacaronesiaReg 1000L x Diesel

    We are proud to offer this feminized cannabis seed 1000l x Diesel of the bank Macaronesia Seeds. To create this variety, 1000l x Diesel, Sativa varieties (70%) were used in the African Congo and Nigeria and an Indica variety (30%) of the Afghan mountains Herap....

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  • MTGReg 101 Headband

    Genetics: 707 Headband x Turbo Diesel Type: Hybrid Yield: Heavy Flowering Time: 10 Weeks Outdoor: 3rd Week of October Plant Info: This plant has long branches full of beefy buds.

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  • MedicalFem 1024

    We feel really proud of this crossing. 1024 combines taste, production, presence and is the perfect plant. It is perfectly adapted to all growing system (organic, coco, hydroponics,). If conditions are optimal it can be over 23% THC. Defining its taste is not easy; it...

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  • HeavyweightFem 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto

    The Heavyweight team had a task here how to improve on probably the best auto-flowering strain available anywhere at the moment Fast and Vast. Taking great care not to lose any quality at the expense of yield they took a beautiful example of a Northern...

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  • KiwiReg 2 Pounder

    The New Zealand developed 2 Pounder is so called because of th eweight of bud that can be produced from a single plant, if it is given all of the right growing conditions. It can be grown indoors, although greenhouse and outdoor gardens will typically...

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  • MedicalFem 2046

    Selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable haze aroma, 2046 is one of our most powerful strains. Patience is needed to grow this lady, but the reward comes after 120 days. It is difficult to cultivate and is not suitable for novice growers, it can only be...

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  • Mephisto GeneticsFem 24 Carat AUTO

    24 carat is Mephisto Genetics most Afghanica automatic, it was thier answer to an improved Autoflower SOG strain. They used a selected cut of BOG’s Sour boggle (Sour Bubble x Bogglegum Monster Pheno) and began selectively breeding to achieve an excellent Automatic variety of connoisseur...

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  • TGA SubcoolReg 3D Third Dimension

    Apollo 13 x Jack The Ripper This three-way cross of 'super elites' is TGA's fastest maturing hybrid. The cross is mainly sativa with incredible speed and high resin production. Tropical flavours range from cocoanuts and pineapples to kiwi. A lot like a tropical fruit punch....

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  • Rare DanknessReg 4 Corners

    Heavy yields from this leggy girl are almost guaranteed. High calyx to leaf ratio makes for easy trimming. 25+ lab results on 2 different females from test runs means great extract potential. Heavy Indica High with tons of head-warping effects.  Lineage: Triangle Kush x Afghan cross  60-75 Days...

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  • CannaVentureReg 425

    425 is Chem 4 clone and a strong, Northern Lights #2/#5  male (Mr.Nice). 425 is full on indica, and will stay short with a minimum stretch, perfect for growers with height restrictions, cabs, closets etc. Dense flowers, completely caked in trichs, a very potent line that is perfect...

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  • Rare DanknessReg 501st OG

    Built off the Skywalker OG genetics, this high yielding strain produces sweet/kushy flowers. The 501st strain is a stocky plant, with purple tinged flowers. This cross produces an allover potent high.  Lineage: Skywalker OG x Rare Dankness #1 50-65 Days flower time.

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg 5K Puff

    The 5K Puff sets a new benchmark for incredible flavours and other-worldly frost by using a combination that includes three of the most resinous parents in our library.  The heirloom 5K OG Kush has proven itself over and over again in our stables with its...

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  • Elemental SeedsFem 5th Element

    We at Elemental Seeds like to say, “Pass the 5th Element!” This strain has a super strong smell and OG flavor. The cerebral effect is strong, but not so overpowering that you can’t puff tough all day. The 5th Element is a heavy feeder and...

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  • DNA GeneticsFem 60 Day Lemon Auto

    Over the past 3 years we have had a great response from our autoflowering 60 Day Wonder so now we have decided to spice things up a bit with this new cross to make the 60 Day Lemon. With mouthwatering flavour and a super fast...

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  • DNA GeneticsFem 60 Day Wonder

    The 60 Day Wonder is a powerful combination of the Williams Wonder with a Ruderalis autoflowering strain. The 90% Indica dominance means that yields are high with 30g or more from a typical plant and, as the name suggests, it can be grown to flowering...

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  • LoudReg/Fem 7/8 Sour

    The 7/8 Sour is a Sativa Dominant plant that captures the nose of the Sour Diesel with slight undertones of the Spicy Jack. Structurally it grows like Sour with tighter node spacing and denser buds. As with most Sour Diesel front loading your nutrients in...

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  • HumboldtFem 707 Headband

    This elite cutting was given to us by the Emerald Mountain farm while collaborating with them in Mendocino. An intensive selection was made through backcrosses of the true OG (mid-90's original OG elite clone) and the outcome was an incredible fusion of size, flavor and...

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  • California Breeders AssociationReg 707 Truth Band

    A large Sativa/ Indica plant It has a tall, open structure and large dominant colas. Genetics: 707 Headband x The Truth (Maui x Super Skunk x Chem Dawg) Variety: Indica / Sativa Yield: High Plant Height: Tall Flowering Time: Indoors: 56-63 days & Outdoors: Mid...

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  • 710 GeneticsFem 710 Cheese Auto

    Cheese is a legendary Strain which originated in the UK. Its unique smell and flavour makes its genetics one the most well-known strains in the country. For many people in the UK, cheese is an essential reference for comparison with other cannabis strains. Our 710...

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  • 710 GeneticsFem 710 Diesel Auto

    Auto 710 Diesel is a hybrid that has a very intense flavour and effect, with an aroma that is a grapefruit/lemony smell. Its taste is an experience on its own, fresh and fruity beyond belief. 710 Diesel is a quick growing Sativa/Indica hybrid that is...

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  • Super StrainsFem 7th Wave

    7th Wave by Super Strains is a rare kind of indica. It is a good grower that will be suited to all levels of cultivation experience and is particularly suited to the outdoors. This strain offers reasonable growing times for a generous yield. 7th Wave...

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  • Barney's FarmFem 8 Ball Kush

    The 8 Ball Kush strain, which is especially suited to Screen of Green growers, can actually be grown in a variety of conditions and is a good choice even for the beginner grower. The strain originates from the Kush mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan and...

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  • LoudReg 8 Mile

    One of Loud Seeds close friends know only as Skins created the original Skins Skunk and their 8 Mile using Michigan Skunk as a starting point. He used a male skunk to pollinate a female Mendo Purps that the Loud family had been using for...

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  • MandalaReg 8 Miles High

    The low maintenance 8 Miles High strain flowers quickly and is considered very easy to grow. It is mould resistant and can grow in virtually any soil based conditions. It doesn't require a strict day night lightcycle either so whether you're short on time or...

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  • Cali ConnectionReg 818 Headband

    Sour OG (Original Sour Diesel x SFV OG Kush F5) Sour OG is my original Sour D cut which is AJ's cut as in the first cut to come out of his room of the Sour D collection. The precursor to ECSD it's that cut...

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  • Cali ConnectionFem 818 Headband aka Sour OG

    818 Headband is a cross between Original Sour Diesel and SFV OG Kush IBL strains. It has a moderate growing time with a good yield rate and provides the sour kerosine flavour of Sour Diesel strains. The award winning 818 Headband is jam packed full...

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  • HazemanReg 88 G-13/ Hashplant

    88 G-13/ Hashplant was made by Ndnguy. HazeMan took his creation and made a lot of crosses with it. Just like the name says it is the G-13 x Hashplant from 1988. This plant grows huge so give it space. 9 weeks or 10 and...

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  • TGA SubcoolReg 9 Pound Hammer

    GooBerry x Hells OG x Jack The RipperThe 9lb Hammer has strong, sweet grape and lime fruit flavours that dance across the tongue. Resin coated calyx atop large, dense nuggets are surrounded by Autumn colours at the finish. Careful, the 9lb hammer packs a serious...

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  • Apothecary GeneticsReg 91 ChemDawg x Caramel

    (Indica-Hybrid) Creators: PoorWhiteFarmer Genetics:  91 CHEM X CARAMEL Flowering Indoor:  8-9 weeks with a yield of 300-400 g/m2 Flowering Outdoor:  Early October

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  • DNA GeneticsReg 91 Krypt

    This is a power strain that just is crazy! Bringing these siblings together is just wrong, but creating the ultra high THC% with great flavour and great medicinal values had to be done! This is a very limited release and will move very fast. The...

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