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  • Simply FemaleFem Dragons Breath

    Dragons Breath has an uplifting high that is widely considered to be a very enjoyable feeling. THC content is high and this predominantly indoor strain has an average yield. If you're looking for a good all round performer then this hybrid is a very good...

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  • Simply FemaleFem Highland Sunshine

    Highland Sunshine has a feel good high that is both potent and long lasting. She has really heavy branches that will need to be staked to ensure maximum growth and to avoid damage to the plant. Highland Sunshine has a citrus sweet flavour, with dense...

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  • Simply FemaleFem Honey Haze

    Honey Haze renowned for both its sweet honey taste and amazingly quick, up high, this sativa is sure to be appreciated by connoisseurs. The plant has very heavy buds with little leaf, the main branches are very dense, but its shortened height keeps yields. Real...

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  • Simply FemaleFem Mega Lemonista

    Mega Lemonista provides a tropical sweet buzz that has a distinct lemon taste. We have found that she will thank you for a little extra headroom. Branches are again heavy with the main branches needing some support in the final 3 weeks. Really tight calyx....

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  • Simply FemaleFem Spineapple

    Based on a Nepali land strain, the electric high really leaves your spine tingling. A pineapple configuration to the plant gives you a broad dense bud with fat leaves, that do turn purple in the right conditions. Old school tastes that will take you back....

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  • Simply FemaleFem Super Pig

    Super Pig needs a little more prep as it enjoys acidic soil. Get the prep right and Super Pig will reward you with Super yields. This plant has amazing medicinal properties with a feel good, all day high. Super Pig will reward those looking to...

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