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  • SickMedsReg/Fem Bizarre

    Bizarre, also known as Ultraviolet, has a reddish purple colour when it is grown as well as a recognisable and sweet diesel taste. Created by combining Boognish Rising with a Double Sour Diesel, this strain has the distinctive Diesel taste. The Indican dominance means that...

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  • SickMedsReg/Fem Chupacabra

    Chupacabra is a Sativa hyrbid - The Wreck mother and Strawberry Fire father combined to give a plant that has a very high yield and incredible resin production. She has a smell that is reminiscent of hash incense and offers a flavour that is distinctly...

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  • SickMedsFem Green Crack

    This strain is easy and needs very little attention although if vegged a bit more than usual it will have a yield of around 450-500g per square metre when grown inside. This plant also appreciates a good trim from the bottom and topping or pruning....

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  • SickMedsFem Psycho Crack

    A transatlantic fusion of two infamous clone only strains, the UK's sought after Psychosis meets the Green Crack clone out of the USA. The intention was to blend these two strains as it was felt there were complimentary characteristics from both strains in terms of...

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  • SickMedsReg Williams Wonder

    A special Indica indoor hybrid that is short and squat in stature, reproduced from original Super Sativa Seed Club seed stock.This plant produces heavy yields of extremely resinous buds which, due to their structure and high resin content, are extraordinarily weighty.Experienced growers can yield over...

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  • SickMedsReg Wonder Kush

    The latest offering from the SickMeds stable combines the incredibly potent  William's Wonder with an F3 Jedi Kush female.  The William's Wonder has tamed the lanky nature of the Jedi Kush, whilst the Jedi Kush has added an abundance of trichome coverage, flavour and has...

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