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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Auto Assassin

    Some say the word assassin is derived from the Arabic word Hashshashin or ‘hashish user’ and Auto Assassin is certainly a deadly strain that provides a killer buzz. We took our strongest, most sativa-dominant Auto AK47 plant and crossed it with a new sativa strain...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Blue Himalaya

    Our auto blue himalaya is a hybrid of the ever popular blueberry and a kush strain from nepal which helps to keep it nice and short. This is a highly resinous strain which stays very short and gives off a wonderful blueberry aroma. Type: Autoflowering...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Dr Feelgood

    Many of our customers have commented on the excellent medical properties of Blue Himalaya and Himalaya Blue Diesel so we thought we would try and produce a new strain that offered even better medicinal benefits. Dr Feelgood is a pure medical strain that is a...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Himalaya Blue Diesel

    Our auto Himalaya Blue Diesel is a hybrid of the ever popular blueberry and an automatic kush strain from Nepal which has been spiced up with the addition of New York City Diesel. This mix of 2 classy auto strains provides a very strong indica...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem MI5

    A new creation from the autoflowering seed breeder 'STITCH' who says "Mi5 stands for My Indoor number 5 which is the highest selection of an AK47 cross borne after hard and long selection of breeding. The 5th cross was selected and is the final result...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Onyx

    Looking for a future legend? Here it is! Another outstanding hybrid from breeder 'STITCH' , who tells us that the Onyx plants are "secret stabilised" plants which include AK47, White Russian, Diesel and many more! Between 50 and 90cm tall, the plant is very branchy...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Russian Rocket Fuel

    This is our Russian Rocket Fuel strain which resulted from the crossing of a heavy Indica strain having very dense resinous buds with an automatic NYC diesel bringing an exotic high and intense fruity smell to the mix. This strain packs a punch and emits...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Sharkbite

    Sharkbite is a excellent new white strain we have created by crossing Great White Shark with our autoflowering seeds line. Sharkbite keeps the powerful stone and tangy odour of its Great White Shark parent and puts on tons of white crystals during flowering. This fully...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Short Stuff #1

    A new autoflowering strain developed by our growers in the Netherlands and at around half the price of original Lowryder, it offers great value. Passing directly from the seedling to the flowering stage, Short Stuff #1 altogether does away with the vegetative growth stage, in...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Snowryder

    Snowryder is a 100% autoflowering strain, a hybrid of Lowryder and Snow White. This strain carries a powerful punch and is without a doubt one of the strongest autoflowering strains to date, heavy crystaling is a trade mark of Snowryder, trichomes even appear on the...

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  • Short StuffFem Super Cali-Haze (Super Auto)

    This strain is the holy grail of autoflowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by its breeder Stitch. Stitch has been working for many years on refining an autoflowering haze strain but as many other...

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  • Short StuffFem Super Stinky

    Super stinky is a new super auto strain from Short Stuff Seeds which builds upon the amazing advances we made with our Super Cali Haze strain. While developing Super Cali Haze, Stitch took some particularly 'hazy' phenos and crossed them with a really stinky skunk...

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