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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Coffee Gold

    Coffee Gold is named after a place where the local tribes call it medicine. This ancient lineage is carried on through the integrity of the strain and its effects felt when consumed as per the traditional of the local tribesman as a herbal remedy. Its...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Durban Magic

    Durban Magic is an indigenous strain found all over Durbans countryside. Its strongs fruity flavour is represented by its various shades of green,orange and purple resinous buds. A long lasting, uplifting high with a strong sense of clarity. The tight, dense buds almost give an...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Malawi Gold

    This Notorious strain, also known as “chamba” is grown exclusively in the Central and Northern Regions of Malawi. ”Chamba” is considered internationally, as one of the best sativas in Africa. This Gold standard sativa has a pineapple flavour and a very sweet taste. This strains...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Mozambica

    It has been said that the strain had arrived on african soil due to arab traders in the early 1200_s. Large, resinous plants with big buds and a hint of blue. A great genetic strain to cross pollinate with other strains. The High is clear...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Pondo Mystic

    Pondo Mystic is a landrace sativa strain name from an ancient tribe. The plant grows very tall and produces long slender buds that carry a mysitcal light green colour. Pondo Mystic delivers a high that is very focused and clear and will allow you to...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Swazi Gold

    Swazilands “gold”, grows tall and plentyful. Its mountainous origin makes it a very resilient plant for all weather conditions. The Large buds are extremely resinous, and has a strong fruity flavour and a very productive high. Africa’s “swazi” is the most sought after local strain...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Transkei

    The Transkei’s Long slender buds shine with a lime green and purple tint. Famous for its fruity Aroma and good clean natural, cerebral high. This Sativa strain from the eastern cape of Southern Africa, is the ideal strain for both indoor and outdoor growers. Another...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Zamal Reunion

    A small island off the east Coast of Africa, Reunion Island is home to its indigenous “Zamal” plant. This Tropical Sativa is renowned for its colossal size. Big buds, A Lot of branches, highly populated bud clusters with a massive yield. Zamal has a strong...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Zimbabwe

    On the border of South Africa, this strains grows strong and slender, in the lush valleys of zimbabwe This resilient strain, grown in the warm african climate, makes it an excellent strain for cross pollination Zimbabwe has medium sized, light green buds that give a...

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