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Crazy Miss Hyde Quick View

Crazy Miss Hyde

£6.87 GBP

Excellent hybrid, a blend of two varieties distinguished by their fragrances, sweet and very penetrating nuances. The original belladonna, is a cro...
El Alquimista Quick View

El Alquimista

£8.31 GBP

Of medium height and producing good yields quickly, this is our easiest plant to grow. It is the result of crossing AK47, one of the quickest flowe...
El Alquimista Auto Quick View

El Alquimista Auto

£7.81 GBP

El Alquimista is a cross between Northern Lights with its very special characteristics and aroma, and a potent AK47. The result was crossed with a ...
Flash Babylon Automatic Quick View

Flash Babylon Automatic

£7.26 GBP

One of the most powerful and productive automatic strains Flash Babylon Automatic is Indica dominant and has been produced by crossing a Low Ryder ...
Green Love Potion Quick View

Green Love Potion

£7.25 GBP

Green Love Potion is a blend of the world’s modt refined genetics. The Indica qualities of Northern Lights Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani combined ...
Holy Grail 69 Quick View

Holy Grail 69

£8.17 GBP

On a whim, one of our breeders set about crossing our own Punky Lion with pure Haze genetics. The result is a slightly taller plant than her progen...
Jekyll Passion Quick View

Jekyll Passion

£7.53 GBP

Flo for her Sativa power and early maturity; Black Domina the pedigree Indica strain – what do you get? A fantastic plant with a very short floweri...
Kiss Dragon Quick View

Kiss Dragon

£4.14 GBP

This is the result of a cross between a Nepalese Sativa; carefully chosen from within thousands of specimens and a Black Domina; which happens to ...
Punky Lion Quick View

Punky Lion

£7.92 GBP

A cross between a best-selling strain known for its massive yields and a very potent legendary North Alaskan Indica that smells and tastes like cho...
Shot Adrenaline Automatic Quick View

Shot Adrenaline Automatic

£6.98 GBP

Developed using original White Dwarf x Skunk genes, which were then re-crossed to preserve their autoflowering properties, this strain retains the ...
Spicy White Devil Quick View

Spicy White Devil

£7.73 GBP

The result of crossing one of the strongest and most resinous Sativas (a strain bestowed with the status of prescribed medicinal cannabis by Dutch ...
Spiritual Punk Quick View

Spiritual Punk

£7.06 GBP

One of our best medicinal varieties, she was developed for patients suffering from hyperactivity, prolonged stress, insomnia or simply for those ne...
Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic Quick View

Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic

£7.92 GBP

Using the autoflowering genetics that gave rise to Low Ryder, we crossed these with one of our best Black Domina mothers then re-crossed them to pr...
Sweet Black Angel Quick View

Sweet Black Angel

£6.21 GBP

This strain is the result of crossing some of most prized plants in history owing to their scarcity. We’ve combined the most Indica of the Sativas ...
Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic Quick View

Thunder Bloody Mary Automatic

£7.53 GBP

If Mazars are naturally fast growers, the autoflowering properties of this White Dwarf x Mazar cross are enhanced by its subsequent re-crossing, an...
Ultraviolet Automatic Quick View

Ultraviolet Automatic

£8.30 GBP

Developed using original White Dwarf x Skunk genes, which were then crossed with Lavender then re-crossed to preserve their autoflowering propertie...