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  • RipperFem Black Valley

    Its effect is relaxing, physical, strong and durable with a high therapeutic value for its instant effectiveness. Its two 100% indica strains necessitate a greater vegetative stage and a higher amounts of nutrients lead to the formation of its large and tight buds with intense...

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  • RipperFem Criminal +

    By crossing these two elite varieties have gotten the best of each variety, providing greater resistance on the one hand the structure and on the other hand a substantial improvement in productivity, strength and flavor (fruity / sweet) of the most incredible time. Its short...

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  • RipperFem Double Glock

    This powerful array 100% Indica, from the most remote valleys of Afghanistan and now we offer this unparalleled selection has everything you could wish. Stable, homogenized, productively and with a distinctly Indian in all its facets that make it the choice for your most prized...

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  • RipperFem Grape Gum

    After a long process of seed selection in the phenotype selected Canadian and with more potential, We worked long for annealing to one of our most productive indica lines. The plant resulting from such exquisite work is our most elavorada genetic GRAPEGUM۝. A variety of...

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  • RipperFem Hawaiian Wave

    Arises from the selection of one of the most powerful Hawaiian Sativa in the last decade: Hawaiian Haze, crossed with our sweet and devastating "Double Glock". This mixture results in a more sativa plants in our catalog HAWAIIAN WAVE. In producing this cross so powerful...

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  • RipperFem Old School

    A cross between the most famous clone in the UK, Original Cheese, and a late 1990s Afghan strain, Blackdomina. The Old School will penetrate deep into your mind, awakening long-forgotten memories. Expect an earthy aroma of incense and flowers, with a sweet flavour. Despite its...

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  • RipperFem Ripper Haze

    A diamond that met in 2002 in one of our trips to Holland. This variety is more than a decade to be number one in all the letters of the coffee shops for aroma, Haze unmistakable citrus flavor and its effect ripper۝ even for experienced...

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  • RipperFem Toxic

    Toxic was born out of the crossing of two of our most awarded varieties, Ripper Haze and Criminal+, a hybrid created with the intention of achieving a high production plant both large flowers and trichomes. Sativa dominant structure, its foliage and flowers are a little...

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  • RipperFem Washing Machine

    We have pollinated the original UK Cheese clone, selected more than a decade ago by the collective "Exodus" with a Bubba Kush clone that provides a great quantity of trichomes and a distinctive aroma of moist soil with sweet hints of licorice. Its combination of...

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  • RipperFem Zombie Kush

    From the selection of one of our first genetic search works, an old Lavender Kush clone was pollinated by our brilliant Amnesia. From there a clone that we named “Sideral” was selected and we decided to pollinate it again later with our Bubba Kush. Its...

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