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  • Reggae SeedsFem Blackdance

    This is the second plants we have feminised and a plant we are sure will triumph. A cross between a Black Dominca which has won many prizes and cups in Spain, and our Dancehall #20, which, despite it's young age, has also won many important cups. Robust plants that...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Dancehall

    Dance Hall is a plant of medium size, with average flowering, offering a production in the average. Cultivating itself as well in indoor as in outdoor, Dance Hall will charm you firstly by his beauty, with his colours crimsons in lower part of the 20C;...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Dub

    Dub is the result of a fusion of two great genetics: Critical (fully rewarded ) and Kalijah with the incredible aroma. Its heads are hard and compact, and very bulky. It is necessary to supervise well the drying of the heads against the mould (taking...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Guayaka

    The latest arrival to the Reggae Family is a cross between the female Guayaba (Chem Dog x Afghan x Chem91), an elite American clone brought to us by our friend Nico, and our male Kalijah, the main CBD carrier in our seed bank. The resulting...

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  • Reggae SeedsFem Juanita la Lagrimosa

    With a lovely name this lovely plant smells of citrus and tastes of hash and fruit. Juanita La Lagrimosa is the creation of The Original Sensible Seed Co, Reggae Seeds and Elite Seeds. She is a cross between an original Mexico/Afghan x Reina Madre (Queen...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Kalijah

    For an effect that opens you up and realise your imagination Kalijah delivers. Although she isnít the best for production purposes her high excellence when harvested will go towards you accepting that. For the best results leave her to grow for four or five weeks...

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  • Reggae SeedsFem O'Haze Red

    Although we didn't want to repeat male fathers in our feminized line, we believed that this cross was well worth it. If you are a lover of fruity Hazes, this is the plant for you.It gets purplish hues, as well as that Haze, incense aroma...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Respect

    At long last, itís here, a new blood from Reggae Seeds. This comes after years of testing a Cannalope Haze male. Reggae Seeds harvested the fruits of their labour, and the first jewel to arrive to the smokers knowledge is called Respect. Respect is a...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Revolution

    Once again, Reggae Seeds have crossed two known genetics to produce a strain which has a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1. Dancehall #24 is included in the cross and after analysis resulted in it having a 1:1 ratio. Kalijah which is the CBD carrier for all...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Roots

    Roots in a plant with a strong and compact structure but it's stretching a little during the bloom phase because its a Reina Madre sativa's heritage. It's one plant with all the necessary to enjoy like never of a powerful sativa effect. The fusion beetween...

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  • Reggae SeedsFem Señora Amparo

    What can we say about our latest feminised plant, except that it is simply spectacular! That's the closet we can get to describing it. We have taken our beloved Juanita la Lagrimosa and crossed it to a Jack the Ripper from TGA Subcool. The result...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Session

    The Session is doubtless the most productive variety of ReggaeSeeds. Certainly her periods of bloom is longer, but it's for a result and an harvest incredible. Its varied aroma, allying a fresh taste, a bitter-sweet flavour, with touches of mangoes, will awaken your papillae and...

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