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Purple Haze x Thai Quick View

Purple Haze x Thai

£5.16 GBP

GENETICSPurple Haze x Meao Thai. F1 hybrid.DESCRIPTIONThe best Purple Haze mother from our Oldtimer's Haze selections has been pollinated by the Me...
Purple Kush Automatic Quick View

Purple Kush Automatic

£6.38 GBP

New autoflowering strain from the fertile valleys and slopes of the Hindu Kush; our fast-flowering, 100% purple variety is the beautiful girl of an...
Purple LA Quick View

Purple LA

£10.10 GBP

This cross is for the people that want dank purple flowers. Looking for a purple strain that actually gets you high? Well the Purple LA will defian...
Purple Lightning Quick View

Purple Lightning

£0.00 GBP

Purple Lightning is an F-1 hybrid that we first created back in 1995 by crossing our Northern Lights #5 male with a female Purple Indica that had b...
Purple Maroc Quick View

Purple Maroc

£4.75 GBP

A cross of Purple Power with a big fat tasty Maroccan mother. While the mother has been selected on weight and taste, she adds power and resin prod...
Purple Mayhem Quick View

Purple Mayhem

£7.25 GBP

Based on Gooeybreeder's Zinn, Purple Mayhem brings full mind blowing colours to your garden along with wonderful berry smells and thick resin produ...
Purple Mazar Quick View

Purple Mazar

£4.00 GBP

Here is the famous Mazar Afghani which has been reworked as an autoflowering strain but with a purple twist. Purple Mazar will turn a dark purple c...
Purple Mazar Auto Quick View

Purple Mazar Auto

£9.60 GBP

Here is the famous Mazar Afghani which has been reworked as an auto flowering strain but with a purple twist. Purple Mazar will turn a dark purple ...
Purple OG #18 Quick View

Purple OG #18

£13.25 GBP

Purple OG #18 is a combination the 3 time Cannabis Cup champion The OG #18 and one of our best selling strains Purple Wreck. The Purple OG #18 is t...
Purple Paralysis Quick View

Purple Paralysis

£5.24 GBP

This little shockers Power Plant genes will have a debilitating effect on even the most veteran of smokers! Enormous yields of deep amethyst purple...
Purple Paro Valley Quick View

Purple Paro Valley

£7.25 GBP

Purple Paro Valley was developed from a landrace Sativa that originates from the Paro Valley in West Bhutan at an altitude of 2.500 meters. The fem...
Purple Pineberry Quick View

Purple Pineberry

£5.50 GBP

This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry was made with one of Secret Valley’s prized males. It is a competitively hardy plant that boasts a pine scent a...
Purple Pinecone Quick View

Purple Pinecone

£7.62 GBP

Hard dense flavorful nugs packed with luminous trichromes spread over a pallet of light purplish hues makes Purple Pinecone one of our most beautif...
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Purple Power Quick View

Purple Power

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A very popular early and fast flowering variety for outdoor growing. All our outdoor strains not only react to a shorter light cycle, but also reac...
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Purple Ryder Quick View

Purple Ryder

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Formerly known as Purple Jems. A beautifully coloured new autoflowering variety developed by underground breeder Mossy. Purple Ryder buds display a...
Purple Sirius Kush Auto Quick View

Purple Sirius Kush Auto

£3.25 GBP

A pure beauty born from Flash Seeds garden after 3 years of stabilization between their beloved Sirius White Purple OG Kush. The result was surpris...
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Purple Tops Quick View

Purple Tops

Sold Out

High Quality Purple Tops is a very popular purple strain that can be cultivated successfully outdoors in cold, wet climates. Purple Tops is a uniqu...
Purple Trainwreck Quick View

Purple Trainwreck

£8.50 GBP

The Genetics for Trainwreck itself consist of Mexican, Afghani, and Thai Genetics, so it is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, which has been crossed with M...
Purple Valley OG Quick View

Purple Valley OG

£9.00 GBP

Grand Daddy Genetics is happy to release this special OG which is a cross between the Larry OG and Grandpa Larry (Larry OG x GDP). This strain puts...
Purple Wave Quick View

Purple Wave

£8.67 GBP

Type: IndicaCreators: IcemasterGenetics: SUPER SKUNK X BLACKBERRY MALEFlowering Indoor:  6-7 weeks with a yield of 350-400 g/m2Flowering Outdo...
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Purple Widow Quick View

Purple Widow

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Purple widow is the optimal outdoor cannabis plant. This purple giant grows to extreme heights and shows spectacular colours. Purple widow is a hyb...
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Purple Wreck Quick View

Purple Wreck

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Urkel is one of California۪s most sought after strain. It demands the highest price in any circle. It was crossed with the Train Wreck (T4) male. T...
Purps Auto Quick View

Purps Auto

£6.62 GBP

Our research for new strains allowed the development of Auto Purple, a mix of Purple and a exclusive Ruderalis. Although it is a low to medium size...
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Queen Purple Automatic Quick View

Queen Purple Automatic

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It is a medium sized autoflowering variety with a compact structure that makes it ideal for discreet gardens. It displays intense purple colours. D...
Red Purps Quick View

Red Purps

£5.00 GBP

This is the perfect substitute for the Purple Power cannabis seeds, taste wise. Red Purps performs almost the same as the Purple Power in growth, a...
Royal Purple Kush Quick View

Royal Purple Kush

£5.75 GBP

Because this strain follows a very vigorous vegetative growth pattern that permits an energetic infrastructure, it will produce manifold, huge and ...
Sweet Purple Quick View

Sweet Purple

£3.45 GBP

Sweet Purple is a hybrid of 3 varieties: a purple variety, an early-finishing / large-yielding Dutch variety and an exceptionally potent strain. As...
Tao Purple Quick View

Tao Purple

£2.75 GBP

This strain has twice succeeded in competitions Cannabis Cup. In optimal conditions, the plant reaches to monumental proportions with the high yiel...
Tennessee Purple Kush Quick View

Tennessee Purple Kush

£7.00 GBP

Tennessee Purple Kush is a good yielding, Indica dominant hybrid, great trichome production, and a relatively short flowering time. TPK produc...
The Purp The Purp Quick View

The Purp

£9.66 GBP

Jordan of the Islands prized genetics went into The Purps and we've retained the original of this reliable marijuana strain. Regardless o...
The Purps Quick View

The Purps

£7.00 GBP

Mendo Purps IBLA strain of legend, The Purps has gone on to win many awards in recent years as some of the best tasting smoke the world has ever se...
Ultimate Purple Quick View

Ultimate Purple

£5.75 GBP

Winning awards has just been a by product of our hard work. The Purps has shown that hard work, but when we released The Purps years ago we never s...
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Woody's Grand Daddy Purple Quick View

Woody's Grand Daddy Purple

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Woody's Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) is a strain that was developed in Northern California as a commercialised version of the Purple Urkle th...