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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg Charity OG

    The charity of selfless growers around the world has allowed fine heirloom genetics like the Ocean Beach OG to reach the public. Once held tightly by a close group of growers, this cut finally has the opportunity to have its potentials explored.  The Charity OG...

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg 5K Puff

    The 5K Puff sets a new benchmark for incredible flavours and other-worldly frost by using a combination that includes three of the most resinous parents in our library.  The heirloom 5K OG Kush has proven itself over and over again in our stables with its...

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg Flight 813

    Flight 813 was bred for each parent's potency and flavour. The exotic flavours and look come from Mandala's Eight Miles High parent which was bred from landrace seeds discovered in Africa and India. This is an excellent medical strain with a pleasant and upbeat effect. The smells are...

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg Transformer

    The legendary Inferno Haze (21.3% THC, 3% CBD) Uno Phenotype has remained relatively quiet until now. This extraordinary cut of the Fire OG Kush and Afghan Haze has shown itself to be one of our strongest medicines. Its unique woody, citrus aroma gives it a...

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg Daybreaker

    Gage Green Group has bred with Chemdawg x OG for years now. Chemdawg D and OG Kush have been patient favourites for their unique flavour, famous aesthetics, and desired potency. Finally, these tremendous genetics are being made available to the world with the development of the Daybreaker.  Opening...

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  • CBDFem Auto Critical

    Critical surprised by its mixture of phenotypes, indicating short flowering, compact fruits and sativa effect creative brain, which helps us to perform our favourite activities. Besides being very good producer, which brought fame to this variety was pleasant taste to the palate: fruity, lemon and orange... many flavours that...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush Ryder

    Afghan Kush Ryder is one of our autoflowering strains and is a cross between Afghan Kush and Ruderalis. Our Afghan Kush mother is a Kush strain from a small zone in northern Afghanistan where they have been backcrossing Kush genes for generations, resulting in this...

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  • EvaFem Papa's Candy

    Crossing between a plant from Laos of very powerful effect and the most beautiful and white Pakistani. The result of this crossing has a rather low, very robust plant, with buds super compact and completely WHITE, cause the tricomes accumulated. Her flavour is sweet and...

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  • EvaFem Missing

    It۪s a crossing of a known variety of the family blue and our High Level. Her homogeneity does not arrive to 100% cause her component blue, though the result has been spectacular: a plant with a similar structure like the mother, but with robust stem,...

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  • AdvancedFem Somango Widow

    We have combined our Early Widow with the delicious and aromatic Somago. Somango Widow is a mostly Indica strain which retains the potency and high resin production of Widow family, but with an exuberant branching and a larger bearing/size. It has a delicious sweet Mango...

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  • White LabelFem White Haze Automatic

    Experience the joy of growing a top quality Haze strain with much less work! White Haze Automatic is a feminized hybrid of auto-flowering Cannabis ruderalis and an outstanding example of our Cannabis Cup-winning White Haze strain which was carefully selected for her robustness and potency....

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  • Dutch PassionFem Ultra Skunk

    In our Swiss experiment, we flowered several Dutch and Swiss Skunk clones and several Skunk seed varieties. The goal was to select the best possible Skunk. By hybridizing the best two Skunks, we created Ultra Skunk, a very homogenous variety. Thick buds with beautiful wooly...

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  • Dutch PassionFem Strawberry Cough

    A very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience. The plants have long branches, making this beauty a great plant for...

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  • Dutch PassionFem Oasis

    Potency, yield and consistency: the Oasis strain has it all ñ in spades! This 100% Indica strain hails from the United States of America. Oasis is taken from the award-winning Northern Lights II strain. Dutch Passion acknowledges its debt to renowned cultivator, Nevil, for assistance...

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  • SensiReg Mother's Finest

    Another incredible hybrid with roots in the Jack Herer breeding program, this next-generation Sativa is one of Sensi۪s more recent creations. Upon release, Mother۪s Finest was an instant hit, winning first place for Sativa at the 2002 Cannabis Cup just a few months later. Mother۪s...

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  • Dutch PassionFem Jorges Diamonds #1

    Loads of resin and Indica dominant - Jorges Diamonds #1 is powerful, sweet, tasty and silky. Rare Indica genes blended with a touch of Sativa make the smoke strong and the high high. Fruity, sweet and honey with a dash of raspberry – you could...

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  • White LabelReg Jack Herer

    Sensi Seeds' Jack Herer is known as one of the finest cannabis varieties ever created and is often referred to as the 'champagne of strains'. White Label Jack Herer is therefore the Methode Champagnoise of top-class cannabis hybrids. While not quite in the same league...

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  • Dutch PassionFem Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita, is a F1 hybrid between two Sativas. We combined our renowned Power Plant, by using it۪s feminized "pollen" with an Isis female. In this variety the Isis characteristics are most outspoken. Very clear Sativa "high" and subtle taste and aroma. Medium yield of...

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  • DinafemFem Moby Dick XXL Auto

    Moby Dick XXL Auto by Dinafem Seeds is a feminized autoflowering Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis cannabis strain that results from the cross between a White Widow, a Haze and a Ruderalis. It is a high-level autoflowering cannabis seed that shows excellent balance and potency and that yields an...

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  • DinafemFem Moby Dick Automatic

    It´s a plant of great structure, it grows like a bush, wide but also tall. The best time of the year to grow it outdoors goes from early spring to beginning of fall. Indoors gives its best at 18-20 hours of light photoperiod. From seed...

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  • HumboldtFem Lost Coast Hashplant

    This Monster yielder is one of our longest commercially ran Genetics. This strain is commonly referred to as a "bumper crop" and we are proud to finally release this in feminized form. Extremely hearty and easy to grow, this girl will bear fruits in mid...

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  • Dank GeneticsReg Super Star Tahoe

    The legendary Tahoe OG, prized for it's full-bodied OG flavor and potency that never fails to deliver. Super Star Tahoe is NOT to be taken lightly! Parental Lineage: Tahoe OG x Star Fighter OG Indoor Flowering Time: 65-70 Days Sativa To Indica Ratio: 60% Sativa...

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  • Venus GeneticsFem Kritical Max Auto

    One of our best automatic varieties Kritical Max Auto is a marijuana plant that maintains all the characteristics that have made Kritikal Max a popular plant. Outdoors it is notable for its rapidity and massive production, considered the best option for a quick harvest. Indoors, by being well...

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  • GrandDaddy PurpleReg Bay Dream

    Grand Daddy Genetics is proud to introduce our BAY DREAM! The marriage of two incredible strains starts with our big production superstar, the well known Blue Dream and our High Times Cannabis Cup winner, Bay 11. We brought these phenomenal sativas together to create the...

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  • Next GenerationFem NY Purple Diesel

    Our special Diesel selection that grows purple and fast. Very strong smell intense flavour that the Diesel is famous for. - Flowering Time: - Indoors: 55-60 days - Outdoors: October 15 See our range of cannabis seeds by Next Generation for great prices on all...

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  • GrandDaddy PurpleReg Ken's Kush

    Youíve hear that thereís the best and thereís the rest. We give you the best; Ken Kush! Quite unlike any other Kush variety youíve tried, this Kush comes with a delectable taste of aromatic pine that leaves no after taste. Combined with a tinge of...

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  • MedicalFem Hammerhead

    Indica plant structure, fast growth and flowering. It is easy to grow and requires no special care. This plant is very grateful because it is very productive, and the buds are compacted in an extraordinary manner, which delayed a few days of drying. Another feature...

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  • GrandDaddy PurpleReg Bay 11

    Grand Daddy Purp creator Ken Estes introduces his new break out Sativa strain "Bay 11" and captures top honours at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup Awards! This is truly an amazing Sativa strain of medical marijuana that because of it’s ability to cut through...

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  • MTGReg Tru Blue

    LIMITED EDITION Genetics: Turbo Diesel x Blue Dream

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  • MTGReg Cosmic Collision

    LIMITED EDITION Genetics: Cosmic Charlie x Piña Collision

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  • MTGReg CB Diesel

    LIMITED EDITION Genetics: Harlequin x Turbo Diesel

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  • MTGReg B-4

    LIMITED EDITION This was an extremely potent C4 cut crossed with a stable Blue Dream line. Genetics: Blue Dream x Chem 4 Type: Sativa dominant

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