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  • PositronicsFem Afghan Express

    Afghan Express, is a 3rd generation autoflowering strain developed to astonish everybody with her power. Our afghani parental was an old Wernard clon, selected for its great THC/CBD ratio. Hybridised with the best ruderallis and the descent was self crossed for generations to get a stable automatic...

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  • PositronicsFem Amnesia Mistery

    Discover the mistery. AMNESIA MISTERY is a step forward in the development of the newest sativa genetics. Our best selected AMNESIA clon was crossed with a misterious male coming from the greenest California valleys. As a result of that breeding you have an enormous size...

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  • PositronicsFem Black Widow

    HYBRIDISATION Light endogamic cross between two exceptional indica varieties. The Misty gene was revolutionary in the BOs. The origin of this variety remains a closely guarded secret but, given its high CBD levels, Positronics decided to preserve it by importing it directly from the USA....

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  • PositronicsFem Black Widow CBD

    CBD’s Black Widow version is the result of mixing our best clone with plants with high CBD content. The mix produce fast growing plants, strong but not very tall. Perfect for medicinal use and painkiller. Fruity taste. Hybridization Audacious mix between a CBD Crew strain...

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  • PositronicsFem Blue Rhino

    HYBRIDISATION Blue Rhino is the result of meticulous selection of hundreds of plants as part of a classic cross- breeding process that guarantees one of the strongest and exquisite hybrids that the most experienced growers were demanding. From the Blue strain, an original female from...

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  • PositronicsFem Caramelice

    HYBRIDISATION The skunk's varieties supposed a successful for the cannabis growing. Its citric flavour and taste fascinated hundreds of thousands of farmers, whom continue filling the gardens with these varieties. Positronics has created a Skunk for the XXI century. Caramelice captures the aroma and taste...

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  • PositronicsFem Claustrum

    HYBRIDISATION Take yourself off to a medieval cathedral. Claustrum is our sativa plant masterpiece: a cross between three strains of highly heterozygous families: Kali Mist, Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. The first cross was between Super Silver Haze & Kali Mist, which has a...

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  • PositronicsFem Critical #47

    Critical #47 was created by combining the Critical Mass and AK47 and is considered to be one of the greatest of the Skunk varieties that are available today. The old Skunk taste is still present but has definitely been improved upon to give a unique...

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  • PositronicsFem Critical #47 Express

    New strain for 2013. Our most awarded genetics had to get an express version. Both the original and express versions are a step up on the now legendary Critical Mass. It's sweet and fast flowering. Flowering period: 60-65 days

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  • PositronicsFem Critical 47 CBD

    It keeps the capacity of production of our winner. It grows like a sativa, but has typical features of indica as well. We recommend the use of support for the branches due to the heavy buds. It’s a perfect pain reliever. Sweet and aromatic. Hybridization...

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  • PositronicsFem Critical Express

    After a long way of hard work and many testings, we crossed the mother used in it with our Low ryder II to get a stable automatic strain. As a result, a big automatic plant with great aroma and a taste not easy to find...

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  • PositronicsFem Cum Laude

    Cum laude is a triple hibridisation of pure sativas. Some elite clones were given to us with the intention of working to creat a stable line of pure sativa. Will grow very fast from the very beginning with a typical fir pattern. Pruning during growth...

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  • PositronicsFem Grapefruit

    HYBRIDISATION Its legend differs according to sources. Some say it comes from backcrosses of Jack Herer. Others say that is the result of combining Northern Light x Skunk #1 x Afghani. We greatly doubt these theories, as we found no resemblance to their ancestors. This...

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  • PositronicsFem Jack Diesel

    HYBRIDISATION Two myths of cannabis crossed together to produce a variety that is far better than its parents. The power of one of the most famous hybrids in the world, Jack Herer, is combined to the strength and aromas of the recently discovered New York...

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  • PositronicsFem Jack Diesel Express

    New strain for 2013. Jack Diesel Express was born from the crossing of Diesel Automatic with our very own Jack Diesel. The result is a spectacular autoflowering hybrid with a slightly longer flowering period of 70 days.

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  • PositronicsFem Mayday Express

    MayDay express is the result of crossing our fast and compact 80's Misty, with receptive females of Low Ryder#2. Compact plant that reminisce of a little christmas tree. Short internodal distance with tiny leaf, will keep green and healthy easily. The final height and size...

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