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  • KuluReg Aurora Borealis Northern ...

    The Aurora Borealis has big broad leaves & large buds. Highly adapted for indoor growing. A strong earthy flavour, its not a big plant, growing to about 1.5 m outdoors, its also a good plant for indoor growers.

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  • NirvanaFem Auto Northern Lights

    Northern Light is a cannabis strain which is highly suited to indoor growing. Nearly all promising modern indoor cannabis strains contain Northern Lights genes. With its high flower-to-leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production, these wonderful seeds are a most lucrative choice...

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  • PyramidFem Auto Northern Lights

    Auto Northern Lights is an autoflowering version of one of the most widely used marijuana genetics in the world. Northern Lights is used in many of the modern favourites as well as some of those that have fallen out of favour. It has properties that...

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  • 00 SeedsFem Auto Northern Lights

    Big and productive Indica autoflowering strain. Big buds coated of resin. Easy and quickly to grow, can be collected 75 days after germination. Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor cultivation. Sweet and spicy aroma. Physical and mental intense effects, with long lasting high. INDOOR: - Yield:...

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  • Carpathians SeedsFem Auto Northern Lights

    Auto Northern Lights Fem - is one of the most popular sorts among indoor growers. The advantage of this plant is the almost complete absence of smell during flowering. This autoflowering grade grows high enough and produces large tight buds, abundantly covered with resin. Due...

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  • Jordan of the IslandsFem God's Northern Lights

    After tweaking the cannabis classic Northern Lights we couldn’t stop ourselves from mixing it with God Bud and releasing it as feminized marijuana seeds. Gods Northern Lights is a fantastic combination of these two incredibly awesome marijuana strains. These feminized cannabis seeds grow to become...

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  • Mr NiceReg NHS (Northern Lights/Haze...

    Since Neville brought the NL5, Haze and Skunk into being as stable hybrids in the late 80s and offered them as seed, these strains all became well known and highly popular. Most strains that are offered by various other seed companies use these 3 strains...

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  • Royal Queen SeedsFem Northern Light

    Northern Light

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  • BulldogFem Northern Light

    Northern Light

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  • FemaleFem Northern Light

    Still going strong! Different plant, same product. This strain has been undergoing constant changes for 15 years now; higher flower rate, sugared buds, fewer and thinner leaves resulted in higher yields in a S.O.G. But still the same strong product, with the original NL smell...

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  • High QualityReg Northern Light

    High Quality Northern Light is a short, powerfully built strain with compact buds and good yields is a very lucrative plant. Nice resin production, great variety.  Northern Light plant height is short mostly indica and it takes cannabis seeds 7-9 weeks to flower.  Northern Lights...

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  • KeraFem Northern Light

    Origin and popularityWhen we talk about the most famous and popular cannabis plants in the world, we definitely can’t leave out the Northern Light. Northern Light is used for many crossings and provides the basics for many different cannabis plants, one of them being the...

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  • AmarantaFem Northern Light

    Northern Light of Amaranta Seeds is the offspring of the legendary variety that marked forever the 90s cannabis universe. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid, strong, sturdy, easy to grow, with short flowering, powerful and highly productive.Northern Light develops wonderful plants, small in stature, with...

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  • SpeedFem Northern Light Auto

    Northern Light Auto is a hardy, medium-sized (around 80cm), automatic hybrid that is highly resistant to funghi. She produces a large central bud filled with fat resin-covered glands that result in a very pleasant and relaxing experience all wrapped up in a dense cloud of...

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  • BlimburnFem Northern Light Automatic

    Without doubt this automatic strain is going to cause commotion, it is both resinous and aromatic, growing to about 90 cm and producing large crystal glistening buds on all its branches. It is worth noting this autoflowering strain gets its genetic heritage principally from Northern...

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  • Homegrown FantaseedsFem Northern Light Automatic

    The Northern Lights is (one of) the best, original genetics in the business, so it is one of first strains you would consider for an auto flowering variety.  Homegrown Fantaseeds offers this, 9 weeks from seed to harvest, plant as a feminised strain only. Suitable...

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