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  • Canadian Bred SeedsFem Derrick Diesel

    Image and description coming soon.

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsFem TNT Haze

    Image and description coming soon.

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsFem Kanadian Kush

    Image and description coming soon.

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsFem Super Early

    Image and description coming soon.

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsReg Madame Poison

    Very purple buds, 50/50 sativa/indica cross coming from pure South African seedlings. Good mold resistance.Flowering Time: Outdoor Early SeptemberApprox Yield: 8 oz + per plantHeight: 4 feet

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsReg Early Sativa

    A compact sativa bush, great for guerrilla growers. Main cola. Veg 2 weeks for sea of green.Flowering Time: Outdoor Early SeptemberApprox Yield: moderate to goodHeight: 3-4 feet

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsReg Hindu Kush

    From high in the mountains around Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India come the indica family of Cannabis. Hindu Kush is your typical indica plant.Huge wide leaves deep green, almost blue in colour, and fingers that often overlap each other. Short and stocky in growth habit...

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsReg Bunker Bud

    The breeder dedicates this strain to the Weed Warriors growing in underground bunkers everywhere. 80% Indica.Flowering Time: Indoor 7 weeksApprox Yield: 4 oz per plantHeight: 2.5 - 3.5 feet

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  • DinafemFem Sour Diesel Auto

    Sour Diesel Auto by Dinafem Seeds is a feminized autoflowering Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis cannabis strain that results from the cross between a Sour Diesel and a Ruderalis. It is a cannabis seed with excellent properties that gives you the possibility to grow the automatic version of the...

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  • HumboldtFem UK Cheese Auto

    The most iconic European flavor, bred from the original Exodus Cheese. It has good vegetative growth, and its Skunk lineage provides a long terminal cola with smaller dense nugs on lateral branches.Pungent and sweet, this is an intricate combination of mouth watering, unmistakable flavor. Intense...

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  • HumboldtFem Lost Coast Skunk Auto

    Revival of a lost classic. This autoflowering heavy producer has great branching structure, abundant flower production, and very dense multicolored green, white and orange buds. It's unmistakeable pungency fills the air with strong skunk and pepper smell. Immense resin production ensures very high potency, and...

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  • Mephisto GeneticsFem Tyrone Special AUTO

    Every seed run at Mephisto Genetics, they like to make some crosses between their varieties. They have extra special plants going spare, and they just can't resist. There may be just a few hundred seeds made, and Mephisto Genetics don't plan to re-create these crosses...

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  • Mephisto GeneticsFem Steel City Blues AUTO

    Steel City Blues is a project to put Mephisto Genetics favourite ever strain, ‘The blues’ into Auto format. The blues or pukkas as it's known locally, was a strain they knew very well. Although little known outside of the U.K. The strain has been around...

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  • Mephisto GeneticsFem Sour Bubbly

    Sour bubbly is a killer combination of two of Mephisto Genetics best strains. The best qualities from each of the parents shine through. They took a 24 carat female (Sour boggle cut x purple indica auto) and hit her with some Hubbabubbasmelloscope male pollen (Bubblegum...

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  • Mephisto GeneticsFem Sour Bubblin' Crack

    Limited Edition Every seed run at Mephisto Genetics, they like to make some crosses between their varieties. Mephisto Genetics have extra special plants going spare, and they just can't resist. There may be just a few hundred seeds made, and they don't plan to re-create...

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  • 710 GeneticsFem Tropical Berry

    Tropical Berry is a hybrid of both Indica and Sativa strains it is a perfectly balanced strain with a fruity and sugary aroma combined with a flowering period of 56 days this make this strain very popular. This strain produces medium-sized plants its flowers are...

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  • 710 GeneticsFem Amnesia Haze

    Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular Haze strains about, it gets its famous name from the ability to render actual memory loss with the strong mental effect. Amnesia Haze can take up to 14 weeks to flower. The flavour is primarily fruity although...

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  • SamsaraFem El Alquimista Auto

    El Alquimista is a cross between Northern Lights with its very special characteristics and aroma, and a potent AK47. The result was crossed with a White Dwarf to give autoflowering properties to two of our best indicas and then we re-crossed both to get our...

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  • DeliciousFem Sugar Black Rose Auto

    Sugar Black Rose Auto is the result of crossing Critical Bilbo Auto with 1998 Black Domina Auto. Indoors, she can be a relatively short and compact plant although, if given enough room she can spread out more, developing abundant lateral branches. Outdoors, whether in large pots...

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  • PositronicsFem Black Widow CBD

    CBD’s Black Widow version is the result of mixing our best clone with plants with high CBD content. The mix produce fast growing plants, strong but not very tall. Perfect for medicinal use and painkiller. Fruity taste. Hybridization Audacious mix between a CBD Crew strain...

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  • PositronicsFem Critical 47 CBD

    It keeps the capacity of production of our winner. It grows like a sativa, but has typical features of indica as well. We recommend the use of support for the branches due to the heavy buds. It’s a perfect pain reliever. Sweet and aromatic. Hybridization...

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  • Original Sensible Seed CompanyFem Chronic Lights

    For beginners and those new to growing cannabis seeds, the Original Sensible Chronic Lights is a great place to start. It's strong, it's powerful, and boy does it smell, but with an effect you can only dream of, no one should be without it. The...

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  • Royal Queen SeedsFem Painkiller XL

    As world opinion slowly evolves to truly understand and appreciate the psychological, spiritual and medicinal benefits of cannabis, so too is the biology of marijuana evolving under human hands to better suit each individual need. Case in point: Painkiller XL . This new strain combines...

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  • Royal Queen SeedsFem Bubble Kush Automatic

    This is a meticulously designed strain that combines the best qualities of several different sativa, indica and ruderalis strains. The result is a one of a kind variety that provides for a suitably unique experience - even for seasoned smokers. These are some of the...

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg Aspirare

    Elevate your thoughts with a mind full of library's finest OG flavours from Gage Green. Feel the gaseous terpenes expand and enter our vercy core. Aspirare means to breathe in Latin. Take a moment to expand your lungs and be filled with healing energies. The...

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  • KannabiaFem Karibeña

    With this variety Kannabia offer you a cocktail of tropical aromas and flavours. In this cross they have used a Mango Skunk base, with a very defined sweetness. But they wanted to propose you a variety outstanding for something else, for this reason they crossed...

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  • ArchiveReg Stink Bomb

    A very stout short indica plant with a very robust stature, the Cat Piss is a hardy plant. Crossed with more viney growth of the Face Off OG, it's a match made in heaven. The resulting hybrid produces very robust F1 hybrid type plants that...

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  • ArchiveReg Oregon Lemons

    The overpoweringly pungent Eugene, OR Lemon Diesel cutting crossed with the Face/Off OG Bx1 Male. If lemon is your flavor, then this is your hybrid. The Lemon Diesel has one of the most breath taking eye watering lemon smells in the Cannabis genetic world. This...

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  • ArchiveReg Lemon Amnesia

    The never to be duplicated Lemon G clone from Ohio crossed with beautiful Memory Loss line from Archive Seeds. An abundance of extremely pungent lemon peel, lemon verbena, haze lemon, and an extremely intoxicating bubble gummy dankness lingering in the background on some special phenotypes....

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  • ArchiveReg Grape Smuggler

    The Grape Ape was one of the most notorious and widespread cuttings during the pinnacle time period of the Oakland "Purp" Craze. And with good reason, the grape ape made her rounds. A robust, thick stemmed, well branched plant with very long leaf petioles and...

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  • ArchiveReg Cluster Bomb

    Bomb Threat x Face Off OG bx1Genetics: Bomb Threat x Face Off OG bx1 Variety: Mostly Indica Flowering Type: Photoperiod Yield: Low Flowering Time: 8 weeks

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  • Green HouseFem Jack Herer Automatic

    SATIVA - INDICA - RUDERALIS 50 % - 30 % - 20%   GENETICS Jack Herer x Ruderalis   EFFECTS Balanced body-stoned and head-high effect. Strong and long lasting.   FLOWERING INDOOR 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 700 gr/m2. Can be...

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