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  • SpeedFem Diesel Auto

    This strain is medium-sized and branches out well, making it very productive. This is one of our best tasting and best smelling auto strains with a multitude of nuances. The effect is very relaxing and psychoactive.Strain: Automatic hybrid Low Ryder #2 x NYC DieselGenetics: Mainly...

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  • SpeedFem Northern Light x Critical

    A medium-sized plant that branches out generously and excellent yields. Great medicinal potential and with a wide range of tastes and nuances from the spicy aroma of Northern Lights to the fruity top notes of the Critical.Strain: Northern Light x CriticalGenetics: IndicaEffect: Very medicinalHarvest: 55-60...

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  • SpeedFem Skunk Auto

    A robust strain and very productive. With abundant light and a good substrate, this strain can produce great yields very quickly. The effect is very balanced; relaxing and averagely psychoactive.Strain: Automatic hybrid Low Ryder #2 x Skunk#1Genetics: Mainly indicaEffect: Relaxing; very medicinalHeight: 50 - 120...

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  • SpeedFem Northern Light x Northern...

    The self pollination of our exceptional Northern Lights selection produces a plant with the shape and structure of an indica with a spicy Afghan hash aroma. The effect is very medicinal owing to its high CBD levels.Northern Light x Northern LightStrain: Northern Light S1Genetics: IndicaEffect:...

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  • SpeedFem Amnesia Auto

    Our most sativa auto with respect to growth, appearance and taste. Although the flowering cycle is slightly longer than more indica autos, it won’t get too tall with adequate lighting and 7 litre pots or bigger. Great yields.Strain: Automatic hybrid Lowryder #2 x AmnesiaGenetics: Mainly...

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  • SpeedFem Northern Light Auto

    Northern Light Auto is a hardy, medium-sized (around 80cm), automatic hybrid that is highly resistant to funghi. She produces a large central bud filled with fat resin-covered glands that result in a very pleasant and relaxing experience all wrapped up in a dense cloud of...

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  • SpeedFem Blueberry Auto

    A very robust, medium-height, automatic hybrid that produces purple coloured floral bunches that smell like red berries and ripe tropical fruit. Let yourself be seduced by this purple Amazon who will spirit you away to Never Never Land.Strain: Automatic HybridRuderalis Canadiense x BlueberryGenetics: Mainly IndicaEffect:...

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  • SpeedFem AK47 Auto

    This automatic hybrid strain produces quite tall plants with a dominant central bud surrounded by smaller satellite buds like a King entertaining his court. The taste is subtle, sweet and dense with Afghan and sweet, fruity notes.Strain: Automatic HybridLowryder #2 x AK 47Genetics: Mainly IndicaEffect:...

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  • Original DelicatessenReg Her Majesty

    Her Majesty: F1 HybridLarge, robust plant which combines the vigour of both parents with an abundant yield. The aromas of each parent have merged to create a unique bouquet. One of the most appreciated by Cannabis gourmets.Genetics: Queen Mother x MéxicoFlowering: 60-65 daysYiled: High

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  • Original DelicatessenReg Edy

    EDY: Stabilised hybridGreat combo that is powerful, compact and of medium size. This variety produces large quantities of THC rich resin, even the underside of the leaves! The Dried flowers look like they have been rolled in crystals.Genetics: Congo x HimalayaFlowering: 49-56 daysYield: Medium-High

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  • Original DelicatessenReg Alice

    Alice: F1 HybridAlice is another gem of a sativa. The strain is ultra fast, medium – high yielding , has great resin production & she is also well structured. Total flowering time is only 7/8 weeks.Genetics: Queen Mother x CongoFlowering: 49-56 daysYield: Medium/high

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  • Original DelicatessenReg/Fem Queen Mother

    Queen Mother: Stabilised hybridThis tall and elegant sativa has always been our favourite plant, not due its intense flavour, neither for their amazing production of crystals that come to dazzle, but for its unique and stimulant feeling. A genuine "mystical experience."Genetics: Spain – Reunion Island –...

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  • Original DelicatessenFem UpStream

    Upstream: F1 HybridThis Hybrid reaches the perfect balance between taste, smell and potency. A combination of two of the most aromatic varieties in our genetic “library”. With amazing scents and flavours, UpStream is a true Delicatessen.Genetics: Lilly x HimalayaFlowering: 50 / 60 daysYield: High

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  • Original DelicatessenFem Lilly

    Lilly: Stabilised hybridThis a great Sativa in every aspect and she is also one of the fastest on the planet. Fully finishing after just 7 – 8 weeks of  flowering, she produces an impressive quantity of flowers coated in sticky resin. Her aroma is super...

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  • NordenFem Auto Viking Sativa

    Auto Viking Sativa is a crossing with auto flowering genetics and pure sativa, 90% sativa and 10% indica. It has a typical weed smell with a scent of wood.The rush is very up and energising; a perfect daytime smoke. This is a great choice for everyone who...

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  • VIPFem Taison Auto

    We wanted to add a touch of colour in our catalog, thats why we use a purple kush variety. The strong effect, the purple colour with the hardest buds as a male parental and our female Russian automatic genetic for this hybrid. Colorful, dark, with...

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  • VIPFem VIP Dwarf Auto

    100% Autoflowering Indica. It has a great power, with high levels of THC and CBD, making it a relaxing plant, very "positive" and is perfect for medical treatments. VIP Dwarf has a delicious resin flavour with hints of berry and hashish.This plant is ready in...

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  • VIPFem VIP Auto

    Principally an autoflowering indica with the biggest production. Born from a hybrids selection between super-auto and automatics, thats how we create a very productive plant to be ready in just 60-70 days depending on the area of ​​cultivation. Also Vip Auto is as strong as...

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  • VIPFem Northern Delights Auto

    This automatic variety was a challenge for our breeders, we been searching for a while the bouquet of NL5 x Haze, also wanted an automatic plant with that intense flavour and effect. For this we change the recipe a bit, using haze genetics to get...

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  • VIPFem Membrana Hiper Auto

    Membrana is a very special plant, this hyper feminized automatic variety comes from Russia in the city of St. Petersburg, famous for his two weeks of sleepless, where the sun does not set. This variety was tested at this time of the year, exposed to...

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  • VIPFem White Spanish

    White Spanish is our range dedicated to Spanish cannabis culture, is the perfect cross between two parents of the white family. Using as the genetics of male white widow and our resinous and potent White Russian clone as genetic female. In the selection of these...

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  • VIPFem Torpedo

    Torpedo is our sweetest hybrid certainly, it was a parental Cruze from Dutch Bubble Gum. This plant produces very high quality and its perfect to a medicinal use for its high content of THC and CBD, adding its ease of cultivation and taste sweet and...

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  • VIPFem Tank

    Tank is the result of a large selection of sativas to get a variety whose effect was out of the ordinary so far. Tank was crossed with a very selected mother of White Widow to get that big production characteristic from it.Tank offers an experience...

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  • VIPFem Critical VIP

    The famous Mr. Nice Seeds could not miss in our catalog, the most cultivated in the recent years, its sweetness and its rapid flowering accompanied by a lasting and very nice, are the Charter of this magnificent presentation plant.Critical is a sativa looking plant and...

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  • VIPFem Ghingis Khan

    Ghingis Khan is our most powerful and exclusive feminized variety of our bank, created from a resinous male with a strong Skunk odour of a Dutch plant AK-47, to find out our female we been looking for something special with sativa dominance and a touch...

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  • BodhiReg Blue Tara

    Blue Tara is a hybrid of one of Bodhi Seeds all time favourites, BubbaShine which is a cross of Bubba Kush and Blue Moonshine (rare stretch indica pheno), BubbaShine smells of hot buttered blueberry muffins and kush, grows like a big OG covered in crystals,...

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  • FlashReg/Fem Stardust Automatic

    Flash Seeds one of the favourite white variety. The plants are fully covered in white resin like a magical stardust producing most amazing skunk and berries smell.Effect: relaxing body sensation, uplifting, creative, perfect for relaxing and socialising.Ratio: Lowryder - Indica - Sativa%: 15 -30 -...

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  • AmarantaFem Power Haze Automatic

    Power Haze Automatic of Amaranta Seeds is born of the union between a Haze Autoflowering and a Jack Herer. The result is an autoflowering Sativa-dominant hybrid, strong, sturdy, easy to grow, blooming fast, powerful and productive.Power Haze Automatic develops wonderful plants of medium size, with a...

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  • AmarantaFem White Widow

    White Widow from Amaranta Seeds is born of the union between a variety that comes from South India and one from Brazil. The result is a Sativa/Indica hybrid, strong, sturdy, easy to grow, with short flowering, powerful and productive.White Widow develops spectacular, small/medium size plants, with...

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  • AmarantaFem Power Plant

    Power Plant of Amaranta Seeds comes from a pure strain (Landrace) of South Africa, which has been subsequently crossed with a Ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering Sativa-dominant hybrid, strong, sturdy, easy to grow, with short flowering, powerful and productive.Power Plant develops wonderful, small/medium height...

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  • AmarantaFem Tugy D Diesel Automatic

    Tugy D Diesel Automatic of Amaranta Seeds born of the union between a NYC Diesel and Ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis hybrid, strong, sturdy, blooming quickly, easy to grow, potent and productive.Tugy D Diesel Automatic produce small plants with a strong structure, with a...

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  • AmarantaFem KO Haze Automatic

    KO Haze Automatic from Amaranta Seeds is born of the union between an Original Amnesia and a Ruderalis. The result is an autoflowering hybrid with Sativa dominance, sturdy, strong, easy to grow, with short flowering, powerful and productive.KO Haze Automatic develops precious plants of medium...

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