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  • LowlifeFem Auto AK Diesel

    This is a F1 cross between our Auto Diesel and one of our greatest strains auto AK47, expect the unexpected a big potent plant that will blow your minds away!

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  • LowlifeReg/Fem Auto AK47 #1

    The new wave of autoflowering hybrids is finally here, and leading from the front is the Automatic AK74. This was our first foray into the autoflowering world and still our favourite. Crossing the very best AK47 we could find with the autoflowering genes of Lowryder,...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto AK47 #2

    Our first production of auto-flowers has now been even better improved on yield taste and even better potency, this is one of our super auto's and is now created as an all purpose auto-flower for everyone. If you tried number 1 as was blown away...

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  • LowlifeReg/Fem Auto AK47 x Blueberry

    Originally an experiment to see what would happen when you cross 2 different autoflowering parents. The result is Fantastic! Both parent plants bring their best qualities to the table. The Automatic AK74 mother brings her size and branching and the Automatic Blueberry father brings a...

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  • LowlifeReg Auto AK47 x Hindu Kush

    This is another strain in our auto flowering F1 range that was born out of experimentation. Our initial testers reported back to us of a "bushy, medium to heavy yielding auto showing a desirable blend of AK47 and Hindu Kush traits" It turns out they...

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  • LowlifeReg Auto AK47 x NYC Diesel

    Breeder: Lowlife SeedsVariety: Mostly SativaGrows: Grows indoors, Grows outdoorsFlowering Time: Auto-floweringHarvest Month: 10 weeks from seed

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Amnesia

    Amnesia genetics are well known and we wanted to create an auto with the direct genetics and high from regular Amnesia strains. We hit success in finding these and reproduced a auto like never before, this should need around 75 days to fully mature but...

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  • LowlifeReg/Fem Auto Blueberry

    Auto Blueberry is a cross of DJ Short's Blueberry and the original Lowryder. A lot of growers have found normal Blueberry to be sensitive to over feeding and to not actually smell too fruity. We couldn't fix both issues but I think we reached a...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Blueberry Diesel

    This is a direct F1 cross of our Auto Diesel and our Auto Blueberry strains. It packs a mean punch and has massive resinous colas with the sweet aroma of blueberries.Try not to over nute these as they can be sensitive.Seed to bud in 80 days!

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Cheese

    We used a Exodus Cheese cut to create this great auto-flowering cross, it is a heavy hitting high and very smelly when flowering we selected all the best attributes from the Exodus clones and crossed them with our Auto AK47 for a great powerful result....

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Diesel

    Auto Diesel is a combination cross of New York City Diesel and Sour Diesel With Auto AK47 being the building block for the cross. Expect big potent buds and a very hardy plant. Great for outdoors as it is very disease resilient. Yields of above...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Double Afghan

    One of the most potent auto-flowers known to man, We created this cross with Afghan indica and our already Auto-flowering Blueberry, (Double Afghan) the light sweet tasting blueberry helps the heavy hitting resinous Afghan indica. This plant needs that little extra time to perform to...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Double Diesel

    This is for our diesel lovers we crossed our AK x Diesel with Auto NYC Diesel results in a complete cola of resinous buds with a couch lock high like no auto ever before. Who said auto's were weak? We dare you to try this...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Grandaddy Purple Kush

    Who hasn't heard or tried GPK? Well if you haven't I suggest you try these, this is one for our connoisseurs to try smooth tasting with a outrageously heady high and all this ready from seed to bud in 90 days. Yield is the biggest...

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  • LowlifeReg Auto Great White Shark

    Automatic Great White Shark is a potent and good yielding white, autoflowering strain. It has a tangy odor and can grow well indoors or outdoors. It has now been stabilized by the breeders. Genetics: Lowryder/Great White SharkVariety: Sativa/Ruderalis/IndicaType: HybridHarvest Date: 56 days from start of...

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  • LowlifeReg/Fem Auto Hindu Kush

    Automatic Hindu Kush is truly for the indica lover. She may only grow to 14” at the very most but the buds are thick and rock hard, and with such a coating of resin that she is our best and most efficient resin producing strain....

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