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  • HumboldtFem Lemon Juice Express Auto

    Lemon Juice Express Auto

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  • FemaleFem Lemon Kush

    A Chitral kush from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With an unique strong herbal lemon smell and taste. She is mostly indica with small hard nugs and with a little stretch towards the end. Stoney, yet high all-round buzz. So, despite...

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  • KushReg/Fem Lemon Kush

    Lemon Kush has been created by bringing together Pakistani Lemon Kush and OG Kush. The resulting cross tends to be more psychoactive than regular OG with a hint of lemon thrown into the mix. Lemon Kush is an indica/sativa hybrid marijuana strain with a high...

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  • Apothecary GeneticsReg Lemon Mango OG

    Creators: King of Nepal Genetics: Mango Lemon OG x Green Crack x OG Effect: A very soothing and calming body high Taste: Of a sour earth overtone with a rocket punch Flowering Indoor: 8-9 weeks with a yield of 250-350 grams/sqm Flowering Outdoor: Ready early...

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  • Connoisseur GeneticsFem Lemon n Lime Jones

    I took the multiple cup winning Casey Jones (True Canabliss cut) known for its huge yield, dank flavour and quick finishing time and have hit that with my best haze (SSSDH cup winning cut) expect nothing but cup winning quality taste are earthy/diesel cut with...

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  • Apothecary GeneticsReg Lemon Nigerian

    Creators:  King of Nepal Genetics:  NIGERAIAN X LEMON  Flowering Indoor:  10-12 weeks with a yield of 300-450 g/m2 Flowering Outdoor:  Ready end of October

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  • Apothecary GeneticsReg Lemon OG

    Creators: Apothecary Genetics Genetics: Lemon x OG Effect: Heavy high; stay home and relax medicine. Taste: Sweet lemon pine Flowering Indoor: 8-9 weeks with a yield of 250-350 grams/sqm Flowering Outdoor: Ready in beginning of October

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  • DNA GeneticsFem Lemon OG Kush

    This is the true Lemon OG Kush aka Presidential Kush made from scratch using the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cut and crossing that to the The OG #18 cut. This resulted a good yielding, high calyx to leaf ratio flower with an incredible lemony fuelly...

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  • Gage Green GeneticsReg Lemon Puff

    Fuel up your flavours with the Lemon Puff! This high-flying combination of two loud frost-makers will surely fine space in your medicinal garden. The Lemon Puff borrows the best of both worlds and delivers thick juicy bursts of lemon frost. The amazing smells from the...

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  • DNA GeneticsFem Lemon Skunk

    Lemon Skunk

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  • Green HouseFem Lemon Skunk

    Lemon Skunk

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  • RokerijFem Lemon Skunk

    Lemon Skunk

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  • HazemanReg Lemon Stomper

    Lemon Stomper was made with an Elephant Stomper male hit to a Lemon Larry female. 8 to 9 weeks flowering time. Rock hard, resin covered bigger than golf ball nuggets you will get when you take her to the 9th week. If you like Elephant...

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  • HumboldtFem Lemon Thai Kush

    Lemon Thai Kush

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  • BodhiReg Lemon Zinger

    Limited edition. This one is for the flavour hunters. Big bold extraterrestrial fruity funk, with a functional mind body fusion effect that relaxes, but does not glue you to the couch. Peach, lemon zest, bitter orange, menthol, musk, and kitchen herbs mingle to create a...

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  • LowlifeFem Lemonade

    Is a beautiful mysterious strain, comes from a Skunk No1 cross and has a pungent lemony taste and a great uplifting high. Fruity in taste and smell this one of our favourite smokes yield is amazing and flowers in 65 days.

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