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  • 00 SeedsFem 00 Kush

    The Northern Indian 00 Kush is an Indica plant that yields excellent buds that are packed with resin. Popular for its citrussy aroma, 00 Kush has a powerful high. The seeds are recommended for indoor cultivation and are considered suitable even for novice growers. INDOOR:...

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  • Barney's FarmFem 8 Ball Kush

    The 8 Ball Kush strain, which is especially suited to Screen of Green growers, can actually be grown in a variety of conditions and is a good choice even for the beginner grower. The strain originates from the Kush mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan and...

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  • Apothecary GeneticsReg 98 Bubba Kush

    Creator: Apothecary Genetics Version Awards: 1st Place - High Life Cup - Amsterdam - 2009 1st Place - Toranto Cannabis Cup - 2010 Genetics: Male OG x Pre-98 Bubba Kush Effect: Strong narcotic Indica. Great for sleeping and body pain. Taste: Coffee, earthy Flowering indoor:...

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  • Freedom of SeedsReg/Fem A Little Kushy Automatic

    A Little Kushy will deliver a great strong hashy taste that the Afghan Kush is so well known for. She is an indica Afghan Kush x Lowryder #2 union. Not a bad yield under HPS /CFL lighting 20/25 grams per plant Takes 8-9 weeks from...

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  • White LabelReg Afghan Kush

    The original 'AK', brought from the heart of the Hindu Kush mountain range where its genotype has been selected and perfected over centuries to be the ultimate source of cannabis resin. Fragrant north Indian charas and sticky black Afghani hashish are both largely produced from...

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  • World of SeedsReg/Fem Afghan Kush

    Afghan Kush has proven especially popular as cannabis used to create black resin. This is because the pure Indica strain carries massive amounts of resin on its large number of buds and also because it is a hardy plant that can grow in many variant...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush Ryder

    Afghan Kush Ryder is one of our autoflowering strains and is a cross between Afghan Kush and Ruderalis. Our Afghan Kush mother is a Kush strain from a small zone in northern Afghanistan where they have been backcrossing Kush genes for generations, resulting in this...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush Special

    World of Seeds Feminised Legend Collection Afghan Kush Special Bank: World of Seeds Bank Sex: Female: Pure Afghan Kush Stabilised male hybrid: POLLEN OBTAINED FROM GENETICALLY MODIFIED PLANTS. Male is obtained from a determined quantity of plants growth with a mitotic inhibitor that gives us...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x Black Domina

    One of the most refined blends of Indica genetics: our Afghan Kush, characterised by its high therapeutic value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands; crossed with Black Domina, a quick flowering hybrid (and one of the best Afghan...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x Skunk

    Owing to its elevated levels of cannabinoid production, Afghan Kush x Skunk is highly valued for its therapeutic properties. Stunningly exuberant, this plant is characterised by the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands. Get ready to learn the true meaning...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x White Widow

    A cross between our own Afghan Kush, which is characterised by its high medicinal value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands, and a stabilised White Widow hybrid, this is a compact, medium-sized plant with copious trichomes. While White...

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  • World of SeedsFem Afghan Kush x Yumbolt

    A seed for you to take life in your stride, Afghan Kush is a classic: a plant with Kush lineage from Afghanistan, it۪s known throughout the world for its great therapeutic value and the density of its buds that are covered in beautiful resin glands....

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  • MTGReg Afghan Sour-Kush

    More information coming soon...

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  • High QualityReg Afghani Hindu Kush

    High Quality Afghani Hindu Kush is a very strong Indica. It's cannabis seeds flowers typically like an Indica, with strong, dense buds. The smoke is also very heavy, another trait of Indica dominant strains.  Afghani Hindu Kush is a short mostly indica plan and takes...

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  • Next GenerationFem Afghani Kush

    Beautiful pure Indica selection will always provide you with great medicine. - Fast flowering and large yielding. - Indoor: 45 – 55 days - Outdoor: Sept. 30 – Oct. 5 Take a look through our Next Generation seeds that are available today Why not have...

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  • KushReg/Fem Afghani Kush

    Crossing the Original Afghani with the OG Kush, Kush Cannabis Seeds has produced a strain that is a real heavy yielder of dark green sticky buds that are ideal for extracts. The resulting cross has a great resin production and a fruity hash taste. Type:...

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  • TropicalFem Afrokush

    Tropical Seeds have used two of their best Swazi mothers in combination with PCK. First one, is a faster and more compact plant with an acid lemony intense scent, producing a good quantity of resin. In F1 form, the compact and medium final size continues...

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  • ParadiseReg/Fem Allkush

    Formerly known as Sheherazade. Allkush reveals its Kush heritage in compact appearance and stout growth characteristics but the one-quarter Sativa shines through in the quality of the smoking experience, the high is dynamic and long lasting. The overall sensation is a deep body relaxing effect but also registers...

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  • Alphakronik GenesReg American Kush

    The American Kush cross by Alphakronik Genes brings together two of the world's best "kush" varieties together for the first time. By combining their famed Sin City Kush which consists of a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush and Snowdawg BX, and their Pre-98 Bubba...

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  • Garden of GreenFem Amnesia Lemon Kush

    The result of crossing a great Amnesia Lemon specimen with a Kush is this very hardy, fast-growing sativa. The plants are medium height but with long branches. Ideal for SCROG systems in which they tend to respond by branching out abundantly. Also good for growing...

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  • LowlifeReg Auto AK47 x Hindu Kush

    This is another strain in our auto flowering F1 range that was born out of experimentation. Our initial testers reported back to us of a "bushy, medium to heavy yielding auto showing a desirable blend of AK47 and Hindu Kush traits" It turns out they...

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  • MakkaFem Auto Blueberry Kush

    Very powerful hybrid variety, with high effects and odour level which is the innovative result of a cross between an aromatic, fruity like blueberry plant, with the size and appearance of a sativa and a pure hindu kush, very hashish and indica like smell. The...

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  • AutofemFem Auto Bluekush

    AUTOFEM are the latest in Spanish seed companies now producing cannabis seeds and they have a unique formula for success. Blue Kush will go from germinated seed to fully ripe bud in 65 days which is just 9 weeks. There is no need for the...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Grandaddy Purple Kush

    Who hasn't heard or tried GPK? Well if you haven't I suggest you try these, this is one for our connoisseurs to try smooth tasting with a outrageously heady high and all this ready from seed to bud in 90 days. Yield is the biggest...

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  • LowlifeReg/Fem Auto Hindu Kush

    Automatic Hindu Kush is truly for the indica lover. She may only grow to 14” at the very most but the buds are thick and rock hard, and with such a coating of resin that she is our best and most efficient resin producing strain....

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  • SeedsmanFem Auto Kush

    Auto Kush in a simple cross of a Hindu Kush mother from Sensi Seeds breeding stock with a Lowryder #2 father from the Joint Doctor. Like many Hindu Kush hybrid strains the resulting strain is a squat plant growing to no more than 60 cm...

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  • FemaleFem Auto Kush

    An automatic version of the Hindu Kush cannabis. Kush cannabis plants come from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan andNorthern India. The name refers to the Hindu Kush mountains. The aroma is reminiscent of the smell of musky haze.She makes long sticky buds with many offshoots. But is less compact as the original Kush,Flowering time: 56 daysHeight: 1 - 1.20cmSeed to Harvest: 70 daysYield:  high (for an automatic)Taste/ Smell: Strong odour, potent autoflowering strain.

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  • Expert SeedsFem Auto Kush

    Canadian Ruderalis genes were used to provide the automatic properties which we've crossed and re-crossed to ensure a 100% auto-flowering strain that starts flowering after 25 days and will be ready to crop in around ten weeks, preserving intact its original Kush characteristics. Our Kush...

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  • Carpathians SeedsFem Auto Kush

    Auto Kush - it’s incredibly beautiful and soon ripe autoflowering marijuana grade, which will give you not only an unusual and unforgettable effect, but also the aesthetic pleasure of its cultivation. At the stage of flowering, buds of this plant are painted in rich purple...

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  • KushFem Auto Kush

    Kush Cannabis Seeds by crossing the OG with the best Ruderalis has produced an OG with a much shorter flowering time.  Autoflowering marijuana plant that is easy to grow with great results.  Genetics: OG Kush X Ruderalis Height: Small - < 100cm Flowering Time: 7-8...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Kush

    We crossed our Auto Hindu Kush with our regular OG Kush cross, and decided we needed to stabilise this as a auto-flower. Heavy huge compact nuggets and a very potent aftermath was created we liked it so much we decided to discontinue our Hindu Kush...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Sour Kush

    This is a F1 cross of our Auto Lemon Skunk and our Auto Kush we decided to create a whole new meaning to sour kush with this potent citrus stinking strain. Expect large colas and good yields with this finishing in under 85 days.

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