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  • HumboldtFem Amherst Sour Diesel

    This legendary elite clone was gifted to HSO by their Mendocino partners many years ago. It´s the real deal and for those that know, the taste is superb and intense, plus the high is very strong too. This champion mom is an easy feeder, fat...

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  • HumboldtFem Blue Dream

    Blue Dream is a medical marijuana strain that has become a firm favourite in California and is among the top ten most highly demanded strains in the state. The Blue Dream plant has a sweet and citrusy taste to it while its effects provide painkilling...

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  • HumboldtFem Bubba Kush

    The Bubba Kush strain is a sweet tasting strain that is almost entirely pure Indica. It has an intensve, physical high and it relaxes the body. The plant remains short making it a good choice for indoor growers. Bubba Kush is a typical Indica strain...

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  • HumboldtFem Bubba Kush 2.0

    Bubba Kush is one of the best Indicas in the world. Grows like a compact bush with very dark coloured broad webbed leaves, and sour coffe indica smell and taste. HSO has reworked this line specifically to bring a higher yield, making this attractive lady even...

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  • HumboldtFem Chemdawg

    Chemdawg is one of the most potent lines of marijuana available and it has been used to breed all of the Diesel strains as well as a number of other high quality, high power strains. The smell is very strong and has hints of pine....

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  • HumboldtFem Desert Diesel

    Humboldt Seed Organization friends from Emerald Mountain seeds gave them some new Diesel testers a few years back. They crossed the best of them with HSO Amherst 81st and then they stabilized it. HSO remix of the famous Diesel fuses more yield and fuel smell...

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  • HumboldtFem Dr Greenthumb's Em-Dog

    Humboldt Seed Organization is very proud to present this collaboration with Dr Greenthumb - B Real of Cypress Hill! B Real´s friend and in house Cypress Hill breeder Keif Sweat has created this cross. Keif´s mission is to continue the innovation of the OG Kush...

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  • HumboldtFem Green Crack

    One of California's most famous cash crops has now become a global icon. HSO is proud to introduce this elite selection, branded with the classic Skunk#1 x a pure isolated Afghani. The exquisite sweet mango essence is one of the most important features of this strain....

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  • HumboldtFem Lemon Juice Express Auto

    Lemon Juice Express Auto

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  • HumboldtFem Lemon Thai Kush

    Lemon Thai Kush

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  • HumboldtFem Lost Coast Hashplant

    This Monster yielder is one of our longest commercially ran Genetics. This strain is commonly referred to as a "bumper crop" and we are proud to finally release this in feminized form. Extremely hearty and easy to grow, this girl will bear fruits in mid...

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  • HumboldtFem Lost Coast OG

    A renowned Emerald area breeder passed HSO this elite clone, which they back-crossed into their Emerald OG to bring out some more gassy flavour and smell. This plant does great in coastal areas, is earlier finishing than your average OG, and the yield is also...

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  • HumboldtFem OG Kush

    A mythical SoCal strain ,OG Kush is the staple against which all other strains are compared. Intense Fuel and Lemon Cleaner taste, high THC, and lots of crystals. OG Kush is the one you will find in Californian top spots, where people pays ridiculous amounts of...

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  • HumboldtFem Pineapple Skunk

    This commercial strain is very popular for its big production and high quality. It is a super producer, fast and reliable, and it is also very sweet and tasty. The smell is really strong so it is necessary to have filters when grown indoors. The...

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  • HumboldtFem Purple Trainwreck

    The Genetics for Trainwreck itself consist of Mexican, Afghani, and Thai Genetics, so it is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, which has been crossed with Mendo Purps to create the Purple Trainwreck. Purple Train Wreck has that familiar lemony Train Wreck smell and taste, with a slightly...

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  • HumboldtFem Sour Blueberry

    Blueberry is a super popular plant with purple colours and fruity taste, and we have crossed it with a Sour taste indica that also made the cross more productive than the pure line itself. Sour Fruit taste and frosty hard nuggets is the best way...

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