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  • HortiLabReg Sour Amnesia

    We took 2 of our favourite plants both known for their uniqueness, commercial yields as well as above average potency and combined them.Talk about, East Coast meets Europe! "Sour Diesel", one of the most notorious strains from the USA teams up with one of Hollands most...

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  • HortiLabReg Sour Pink Grapefruit

    Sour Pink Grapefruit from HortiLab is a wonderfully bred hybrid cannabis strain derived from a cross of Sweet Pink Grapefruit and an old East Coast Sour Diesel from the v3 line. Phenos are predictably vigorous and simple to manage with large crops of dense, trichrome-covered...

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  • HortiLabFem Sour Power

    Sour Power is another award-winning Sativa hybrid from HortiLab.  Derived by crossing a Sativa dominant sister of HortiLab's StarBud with East Coast Sour Diesel V3, Sour Power is a mostly Sativa hybrid with a lovely genetic pedigree.Sour Power is an ideal strain for beginners as...

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  • HortiLabReg SourStar

    Our 2013 Indica/sativa hybrid! The multiple award winning Indica flagship "StarBud" pollinated by our infamous ECSD V3 daddy. The "SourStar" has a unique flavour, some phenos tasting like the famous sweet tarts candy. The strain is a high yielder with a great flower to leaf ratio,...

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  • HortiLabReg StarBerry

    Our Breeders took the award winning "StarBud" clone, world famous for potent, rock hard and super frosty flowers and pollinated it with a "Blueberry" dad from original seed stock of the legendary breeder DJ Short.Like its famous mother, "StarBerry" produces rock hard buds and is...

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  • HortilabFem StarBud

    StarBud is HortiLab's flagship Indica strain, a beautiful and very potent Indica originating from the Mid-West USA.Dense, frosty buds combined with immense potency with an amazing sedative effect have netted StarBud 7 prestigious cannabis industry awards since 2009.  StarBud plants produce a superb quality of...

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  • HortilabFem StarBud Sister

    Starbud Sister by Hortilab Seeds cames from central United States. It is an Indica dominant hybrid, vigorous, robust, easy to grow, with a short flowering, powerful and productive. This plant develops beautiful plants, small to medium sized, with a solid structure, with a short distance...

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  • HortilabReg Super Sour Skunk

    Super Sour Skunk is derived from crossing an 'old skool' pre-1998 Super Skunk with the East Coast Sour Diesel v3.  The resulting strain is a Sour Diesel dominant type of skunk plant with a very good flower to leaf ratio and a soaring Sativa high...

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  • HortiLabReg/Fem Sweet Pink Grapefruit BX

    This stunning Indica/Sativa hybrid cannabis strain is derived from a cross of a Sweet Pink Grapefruit clone and a Blueberry Sugar Daddy, back-crossed (BX'd) three times for stability.The genetics of both parent strains carry through strongly into this hybrid:  Plants are robust and vigorous, yielding...

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