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  • Mr NiceReg Medicine Man

    A proven Medical marvel for those in need of high levels of the most active cannabinoids such as CBD. Almost toxic at times, so handle with care and don’t abuse the medicine, man . It has won many awards since its introduction as the white...

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  • KiwiReg/Fem Milky Way

    As the name suggests, this one is white!! We۪ve crossed some of the finest Indica۪s we have with something a little special, to produce what I۪m sure you۪ll agree is a perfect indoor cropper. Not too tall, heavy yields, sweet to taste and simply powdered...

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  • Green HouseFem Neville's Haze

    Neville's Haze was the first prize winner of the Seed Company HTCC in 1998. This is a plant for a true enthusiast and connoisseur. Awards: 1st prize Seeds HTCC 1998. Genetics: Almost pure Haze. Effect: Strong and psychoactive, very spiritual and introspective. Stimulating high. Flowering...

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  • Dutch PassionFem Oasis

    Potency, yield and consistency: the Oasis strain has it all ñ in spades! This 100% Indica strain hails from the United States of America. Oasis is taken from the award-winning Northern Lights II strain. Dutch Passion acknowledges its debt to renowned cultivator, Nevil, for assistance...

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  • World of SeedsFem Obsession

    A truly cosmopolitan affair, this one! On the female side, thereís the Gilgit Valley (Pakistan). The male side of the family brings a hybrid mixture of White Rhino, Black Domina and Jack Herer. As the name suggests, itíll leave you wanting more! Bank: World of...

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  • ParadiseFem Opium

    A bittersweet hybrid with Sativa heritage. With a high calyx to leaf ratio, Opium can be grown using the Sea of Green method, or as a multi-branch plant. Trichome-laden colas and particularly large buds abound. One experienced medical grower respectfully calls Opium "the totem". Raised...

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  • Green HouseFem Super Lemon Haze

    * 1st prize HTCC 2008-2009 * This cannabis seed was the winner of the Cannabis Cup in 2008 (with a landslide of votes) and 2009 at the High Times Cannabis Cup and 2nd place at the Indoor Hydro Cup at the Spannabis 2011 Champions Cup....

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  • ParadiseReg Swiss Bliss

    This sensational Sativa plant was named Swiss Bliss for its extremely tasty and superb euphoric qualities, but also for its extraordinary life, as it escaped out of the police hands back to Paradise. Swiss Bliss is a fabulous variety, with mostly Sativa characteristics. The abundant...

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  • Green HouseFem The Church

    A unique taste, very social. Mould resistant and good resin output. Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions. Genetics: Swiss sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk, Northern Lights. Effect: A heavy indica feeling that evolves in a long lasting cerebral high. A special taste and a very social...

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