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  • FlashFem Annapurna (Super Auto)

    This new strain is one of the new wave of Super Autos which Flash Seeds introduced to the market as a world novelty. Indica/sativa type with relaxing and brain energetic effect. It has a sweet menthol taste. Type: Autoflowering Height: 1.5-2.5m outdoor Time to harvest:...

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  • PyramidFem Anubis

    Anubis is a genetic combination of Wembley and Chronic and although the plants will stick to whatever size of grow room you have, the size of the buds means that the structure may well struggle to cope with the weight of the buds and flowers...

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  • SeedismFem Apple Jack

    The original AppleJack has been a popular strain in some of the hottest coffee shops in Amsterdam since 2001; unfortunately one of the original parents used to breed this strain has died and it looked like that that was the end of that strain. Until...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Haze #1

     Awards: 1st prize HTCC 2004. Genetics: Secret pedigree. Effect: Extremely psychoactive high, strong and long lasting. Spicy, minty sativa taste. Flowering indoor: 11 weeks with a yield of 600-800 gr/sqm. Flowering outdoor: Finishes at the end of October in the Northern hemisphere, or in May...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Haze #2

    This new Haze is an early finisher with great uniformity of growth, admirable yield, large-scale THC production, and a strong, cerebral high. Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions. Genetics: Neville's Haze, Super Silver Haze, Laos. Effect: Strong, introspective high, with a deep effect on the body...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Haze #3

    A tall plant with long branches, this Haze performs extremely well both indoors and out. A big THC-producer and an elegant smoke, with trippy undertones. Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions. Genetics: Haze, Laos. Effect: Euphoric high, very social and creative. One of the fruitiest...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Strawberry Haze

    Excellent all round high, helps creativity and is social. Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions. Genetics: Swiss sativa, NL5 Haze Mist. Effect: Very mild body effect, strong cerebral high. Very creative and social. Voted best strain at the Green House V.I.S. Smoking Panel 2005. Flowering...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Ultra Haze #1

    Strong sativa high, a rocket fuel! Solid buds, resinous. Awards: Winner High Times Cannabis Cup 2006. Genetics: Neville's Haze, Cambodian, Laos. Effect: Very intense sativa high, a real blast. A very psychedelic feeling. Flowering indoor: 13 weeks will deliver ripe sativa buds with heavy density and...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Ultra Haze #2

    Great potent and long high, great tasting and is very social. Awards: 2nd prize HTCC 2005. 3rd prize Champions Cup 2005. 3rd prize Highlife 2006. Genetics: Neville's Haze, Mango Haze, Laos. Effect: Great psychoactive high, strong and long lasting. Very uplifting and social, it leaves...

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  • Homegrown FantaseedsReg/Fem Armageddon

    Armageddon is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa strains and gives the growign and smoking benefits of both types. It has a very high THC percentage once grown and will take about 9 weeks to reach harvest from seed. It is a great choice for...

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  • CH9Fem Aroma

    Growers looking for a short growing time and great quality weed should consider trying their hand at growing the Aroma strain. It has a smell of bubble gum with floral and earthy scents while remaining a short plant that is especially sell suited to indoor...

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  • BombFem Atomic Bomb

    We’ve gone Atomic with a truly superior strain that’ll blow your mind. We combined a hand selected original US clone of the legendary Chemdawg with a hard hitting intensely flavored Kush from the Emerald Triangle. We then crossed this with our number one selling, award...

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  • ParadiseFem Atomical Haze

    Haze plants are getting ever more popular. But in fact it is one of the oldest and classic strains, dating back to the 70's. Today it regains popularity but for the last few decades it has had not such a good name. Now that it...

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  • KuluFem Aurora Borealis

    The Aurora Borealis has big broad leaves & large buds. Highly adapted for indoor growing. A strong earthy flavour, its not a big plant, growing to about 1.5 m outdoors, its also a good plant for indoor growers. 

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  • NirvanaReg Aurora Indica

    The Aurora Indica strain takes Northern Lights and mixes this with an Afghan parent. The fruity aroma is reminiscent of mango and citrus fruits and the marijuana grown provides a powerful, Indica buzz that is highly sought after. The plant itself will remain short which...

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  • AutoFem Auto #1

    Auto #1 is a powerful dwarf autoflowering marijuana strain that is ideal for indoor growing and can be deemed one of the most suitable strains for first time growers. Not only does the autoflowering strain not require any specific lightcycle patterns but it doesn't even...

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  • BiohazardFem Auto 4:20

    Auto 4:20 is one of the biggest and most productive Autoflowering strains, robust and easy to cultivate. It comes from two of the biggest auto-flowering strains on the market until now, Deimos x Mazar, both powerful and abundant of resin. It is a reliable production...

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  • ParadiseFem Auto Acid

    Auto Acid is our autoflowering Diesel hybrid created by selecting and back crossing over several generations. The result is a vigorous plant that stretches a little, she seems to get taller than most autoflowering varieties.  After the third week Auto Acid is forming mainly large...

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  • 00 SeedsFem Auto Afghan Mass

    Autoflowering strain. We have combined the flavor, the resinous buds and the potent narcotic effects of Afghan genetics, with the extraordinary qualities of Critical Mass Automatik. Powerful, aromatic and productive. High CBD levels. INDOOR: - Yield: 300 - 400 gr/m2 - Full Cicle: 60 -...

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  • Grass-o-MaticFem Auto AK

    First feminised version of the new (100% autoflowering) hybrid made by crossing the AK47 with the Lowryder, later selected for Grass-o-Matic. A happy combination of the celebrated virtues of the AK47, one of the most award-winning plants around, and the extremely quick and automatic maturation...

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  • FemaleFem Auto AK

    An automatic version of the AK47. Created by crossing the AK with the Lowryder, stabilising her while maintaining the original AK47 characteristics. AK produces hard buds with an exceptional penetrating aroma. AK is an indica/sativa hybrid yet it retains most of its sativa qualities in...

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  • Green FantasyFem Auto AK

    Auto AK cannabis seeds by Green Fantasy have the combination of strength, aroma and odor of AK 47 with a fruity sweet touch of Lowryder. The effect is a durable and potent sedative. 1 x Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Genetics: AK 47 x Lowryder Type:...

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  • PyramidFem Auto Anesthesia

    Auto Anesthesia is an autoflowering combination of Northern Lights and Black Domina strains. The two parents were chosen to create what is an incredible hybrid plant with the hallmarks of a breathtaking Indica. It is fast flowering and has a great resin production and it...

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  • PyramidFem Auto Anubis

    The Auto Anubis strain is a cross between Somango and Wembley strains. This has produced a medium size plant with compact appearance and a wide plant stature. The big buds that are produced offer a great THC covering whiel the smoke has a fruity smell...

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  • Short StuffReg/Fem Auto Assassin

    Some say the word assassin is derived from the Arabic word Hashshashin or ‘hashish user’ and Auto Assassin is certainly a deadly strain that provides a killer buzz. We took our strongest, most sativa-dominant Auto AK47 plant and crossed it with a new sativa strain...

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  • Green FantasyFem Auto Bamiyan

    Northern Lights selection crossed with autoflowering and creating a high production auto that reaches a height of between 70-110 cm. Excellent production, 100-150 gr per plant. 1 x Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Type: Autoflowering Genetics: Northern Lights x Auto Height: 70-110 cm Production: 100-150 gr...

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  • Green FantasyFem Auto Big Dane

    New York Diesel and Lowryder 2. A very vigorous and resinous auto plant with an exotic flavour. 1 x Feminized Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Genetics: New York Diesel x Lowryder 2} Type: Autoflowering Harvest: 65-85 days THC: 18% Production 400-500 gr m/2 Height: 60-100 cm

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  • SweetFem Auto Black Cream

    100% Autoflowering genetics. This is the result of the cross between our most awarded strain - the original Cream Caramel - and an exotic autoflowering strain of purple flowers, descending from pakistani Kush ancestors. This plant looks like an Indica, with a short internodal distance,...

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  • SeedsmanFem Auto Blue

    The Auto Blue strain is a cross between Lowryder #2 and a Blueberry mother. The strain that this produces is an autoflowering strain and has excellent side branching. The blue colour of the Blueberry has largely meen lost but it still has the same blueberry...

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  • Ministry of CannabisFem Auto Blue Amnesia

    To create our Auto Blue Amnesia, we have started from a cross between Amnesia and Blueberry. In this hybrid the traits from the sativa mother are distinctly present in its auto-flowering version. We have reached this stage through selective crossbreeding: the smell is very floral,...

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  • AdvancedFem Auto Blue Diesel

    Auto Biodiesel Mass x Auto Blueberry, two of the most recognised and genetic all-time winning combined into a new autoflowering strain. It is an extraordinary genetic on aroma and flavour, keeps the citrus scent of Auto Biodiesel Mass genetics and the sweet taste of berries...

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  • Barney's FarmFem Auto Blue Mammoth

    Skunk #1 x Blue Cheese x Ruderalis Blue Mammoth is without a doubt a most interestingly exotic plant. This autoflowering little monster was originally created from a crossing of a Siberian Ruderalis plant into a Blue Cheese X Skunk #1. Beautiful blue hews come through...

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