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  • EvaFem African Free

    A cross between a pure South African and a very resistant and high yielding male Indica, which makes for vigorous production of buds and crystallisation of resin. Has a sweet taste and a euphoric sativa effect. Indoors, it is sensitive to extreme variations in temperature....

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  • EvaFem Excalibur

    Excalibur from Eva Seeds. More info coming soon. Sex: Feminised Type: Hybrid Type of flowering: Photoperiod Flowering time (indoors): 8-9 weeks THC: High (15-20%) CBD Content: Low Yield: Average Plant Height: Medium

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  • EvaFem High Level

    A cross between an African variety from Lesotho and a Skunk/Haze. Long buds full of resin with an unrivalled sweet aroma. Strong sativa effect. Particularly good for experienced smokers. Excellent resistance to mould and all kinds of pests. Requires plenty of feeding, especially during flowering....

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  • EvaFem Jamaican Dream

    A Jamaican Rastafarian placed this little gem in our hands. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Jamaican Dream is a sturdy plant, with Christmas tree-like structure, very easy to grow and flowers very fast (42-45 days), which produces a lot of generous, thick buds...

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  • EvaFem Missing

    It۪s a crossing of a known variety of the family blue and our High Level. Her homogeneity does not arrive to 100% cause her component blue, though the result has been spectacular: a plant with a similar structure like the mother, but with robust stem,...

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  • EvaFem Monster

    Cross between a South American hybrid and a G13. Aroma of wooden barrels and spices, hard and dry. High concentration of hairs, making it ideal for making your own hashish. Buds are thick and long, but not all compact. Basically has a sativa effect, very...

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  • EvaFem Nexus

    A cross between a very citric Brazilian plant and a sativa from the blue family. Very dense resinous buds. Aroma of berries and earth. A sativa effect but physically relaxing and creative. Does not grow well in high levels of humidity. Easy to grow both...

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  • EvaFem Papa's Candy

    Crossing between a plant from Laos of very powerful effect and the most beautiful and white Pakistani. The result of this crossing has a rather low, very robust plant, with buds super compact and completely WHITE, cause the tricomes accumulated. Her flavour is sweet and...

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  • EvaFem Pink Plant

    A cross between our most powerful sativa, High Level, and TNT Kush. The combination of the two has resulted in a plant with buds that are long and rock hard. The plants are robust, fast growing and rather large. Outdoors becomes a super plant, robust,...

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  • EvaFem TNT Kush

    This is a kush from the mountains of Pakistan. It has an overwhelming power, indicated 100% effective. Large numbers of trichomes of enormous volume, very compact and hard buds. It is easy to grow, especially in nitrogen-poor soils, as it is kept very green with...

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  • EvaFem Veneno

    A cross between our champion Papa۪s Candy and our Monster superproducer, inheriting the best of each. It is a big plant with big buds and thick, dense and abundant trichomes. The aroma and sweet flavour of strawberries and forest fruits is very strong. This plant...

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  • EvaFem White Dragon

    Not only is this new strain fast flowering (45-55 days) it is also very productive indoor or outdoor and outdoors in soil you can expect yields of up to 1kg per plant of strong Afghani flavour cannabis. White Dragon can be sown outdoors between April...

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