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  • DJ ShortReg Azure Haze

    A Silver Haze mother, Bay Area origin clone, pollenated by the famous 'stretch-indica' blueberry male to create the same cross as the Blue Dream. The Azure Haze, however, is one generation closer to the P1 landrace ancestry--the Blue Dream cross used an f5 Blueberry male,...

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  • DJ ShortReg Blueberry

    The Blueberry cannabis strain has a long history that dates back to the 1970s and, over this time, the plant has been further improved upon. Dense buds, incredible colours during growth, and a sweet blueberry flavour are the features that have helped ake Blueberry a...

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  • DJ ShortReg Cocoa Kush

    Cocoa Kush is a hybrid cross between a female `Blueberry Sativa` and the Original Blueberry male (a stretch-indica). The mother is from the exact same seed stock that produced the mother of the Blue Satellite; this mother being large with some variegation and lavender/blue huesespecially...

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  • DJ ShortReg F13

    F13 is a Holy Grail plant of four-star excellence. Previously unreleased, it is a very desirable product and potential breeder. F13 is a mostly sativa hybrid of medium height with long, spear-shaped, dense and resinous buds and an earlier finish-time than most sativa strains. The...

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  • DJ ShortReg Flo

    The character of both Sativa and Indica help make Flo a fast maturing plant. As they mature, the large, taut, spear shaped buds are composed of very densely packed calyxes which are dark purple. These buds become more intensely coloured as they mature and once...

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  • DJ ShortReg Grape Krush

    A thrilling but slow paced head, a gentle narcotic body giving ecstatic and pleasing effects, Grape Krush is a superb quality and prolific hybrid.A high yield despite a tendency to form part or full leaf crinkle deformities. Excellent structure though with a long lasting head/body...

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  • DJ ShortReg True Blueberry

    The ultimate hybrid of Blueberry expression, selected for its superior quality from a large pool. Medium height with long, fruity and productive buds of medium sized calyxes. Beautiful lavender hues become apparent soon into the flowering cycle. The finished product is of the highest quality...

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  • DJ ShortReg Vanilluna

    Vanilluna (aka Vanilla Moon) a structurally Kush hybrid of a cross between a female Blueberry Sativa (from the exact same seed stock that produced the mother of the Blue Satellite; the mother of the Vanilluna being large, green, symmetric with a distinct dominant main-stem and...

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  • DJ ShortReg Whitaker Blues

    Developed by DJ Short's son, the Whitaker Blues is a true Oregon heritage cross. The mother of the Whitaker Blues is currently referred to as 'Quimby'; an old-school, West Coast staple cut reminiscent of a classic, early indica lineage--strong and sleepy in its effect. Quimby...

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