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  • MacaronesiaReg 1000L x Diesel

    We are proud to offer this feminized cannabis seed 1000l x Diesel of the bank Macaronesia Seeds. To create this variety, 1000l x Diesel, Sativa varieties (70%) were used in the African Congo and Nigeria and an Indica variety (30%) of the Afghan mountains Herap....

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  • 710 GeneticsFem 710 Diesel Auto

    Auto 710 Diesel is a hybrid that has a very intense flavour and effect, with an aroma that is a grapefruit/lemony smell. Its taste is an experience on its own, fresh and fruity beyond belief. 710 Diesel is a quick growing Sativa/Indica hybrid that is...

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  • Homegrown FantaseedsReg/Fem AC Diesel

    The Amsterdam City Diesel is a hybrid of Sour Diesel that gives the great sour taste from highly resinous buds. It is considered a strain for the true connoisseurs and grows very well especially outdoors, when it will flower in around 9 to 10 weeks...

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  • HumboldtFem Amherst Sour Diesel

    This legendary elite clone was gifted to HSO by their Mendocino partners many years ago. It´s the real deal and for those that know, the taste is superb and intense, plus the high is very strong too. This champion mom is an easy feeder, fat...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto AK Diesel

    This is a F1 cross between our Auto Diesel and one of our greatest strains auto AK47, expect the unexpected a big potent plant that will blow your minds away!

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  • LowlifeReg Auto AK47 x NYC Diesel

    Breeder: Lowlife SeedsVariety: Mostly SativaGrows: Grows indoors, Grows outdoorsFlowering Time: Auto-floweringHarvest Month: 10 weeks from seed

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  • AdvancedFem Auto Blue Diesel

    Auto Biodiesel Mass x Auto Blueberry, two of the most recognised and genetic all-time winning combined into a new autoflowering strain. It is an extraordinary genetic on aroma and flavour, keeps the citrus scent of Auto Biodiesel Mass genetics and the sweet taste of berries...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Blueberry Diesel

    This is a direct F1 cross of our Auto Diesel and our Auto Blueberry strains. It packs a mean punch and has massive resinous colas with the sweet aroma of blueberries.Try not to over nute these as they can be sensitive.Seed to bud in 80 days!

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  • Original Sensible Seed CompanyFem Auto Critical Diesel

    By taking all the power and productivity of the automatic Critical and mixing it with the delicious flavour of the Diesel, Original Sensible have created autoflowering cannabis seeds that really do have the best of both worlds. This Critical Diesel strain uses all the delicious...

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  • CBDFem Auto Diesel

    In our view the only truly automatic character Diesel, after comparing it with the results obtained by other banks. It took three backcrosses to obtain a 100% auto range and had the unmistakable character of our original plan. The result is an automatic produces about...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Diesel

    Auto Diesel is a combination cross of New York City Diesel and Sour Diesel With Auto AK47 being the building block for the cross. Expect big potent buds and a very hardy plant. Great for outdoors as it is very disease resilient. Yields of above...

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  • LowlifeFem Auto Double Diesel

    This is for our diesel lovers we crossed our AK x Diesel with Auto NYC Diesel results in a complete cola of resinous buds with a couch lock high like no auto ever before. Who said auto's were weak? We dare you to try this...

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  • AdvancedFem Auto NYC Diesel

    Autoflowering version of the legendary New York City Diesel, originally the result of a cross between a Mexican Sativa (40%) and an Afghan Indica (60%). We picked this autoflowering hybrid with essence of diesel genetics, excellent aroma and sweet citrus flavour, grapefruit, tangerine, orange... with sweet...

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  • SeedsmanFem Auto Sour Diesel Haze

    Auto Sour Diesel Haze is a super mix of an Auto Haze and the famous New York City Diesel. It is a strong cerebral sativa, with elevated THC levels, as you would expect from the genetic lines of its parents. It produces a strong sugary...

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  • Short StuffFem Auto Spanish Diesel

    Auto Spanish diesel is based on a unique strain which evolved in the Valencia area of Spain. Its origins are not fully known but it is believed to be a cross of Amnesia haze and New York City Diesel. This much admired hybrid was taken...

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  • BlimburnFem BC Diesel

    BC Diesel combines two of the most widely known strains in Jack Herer and NY Diesel. The pure Sativa strain adds flavour and potency to the Jack Herer strain, which was already an incredibly popular strain of marijuana that has become famed around the world....

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  • KannabiaFem BCN Diesel

    BCN Diesel is a strong smelling, shorter version of the original New York City Diesel. Kannabia are the bank behind the work and they fcross the Diesel with an Indica so that plants remained smaller but ripened faster. Ensure that you keep a careful eye...

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  • KannabiaFem BCN Diesel Automatic

    BCN Diesel Automatic combines the flavours of a traditional Diesel with additional citrus. The plant, which combines Diesel with an Afghan to create a plant with incredible yields and this unique flavour. The plant still smells somewhat of urine while growing. One of the great...

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  • AdvancedFem BioDiesel Mass Automatic

    After selecting the most resinous and productive plants from AutoCritical and AutoDiesel Genetics, we have obtained the new BioDiesel Mass, keeping the diesel smell and flavour, with a rich output and large amount of resin. Harvest only 9-10 weeks after sowing. Genetics: AutoDiesel x AutoCritical...

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  • AdvancedFem Black Diesel

    70% Sativa, 30% Indica. It has been selected by New York City Diesel, one of the most awarded plants in the cannabis cups. This Sativa plant has large and thick buds, high yield, unique taste and ripe grapefruit aroma. It is easy to grow both...

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  • MTGReg CB Diesel

    LIMITED EDITION Genetics: Harlequin x Turbo Diesel

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  • MTGReg Covelo Sour Diesel

    Genetics: Covelo Cut Sour Diesel x Turbo Diesel Type: Hybrid Yield: Exceptional Flowering Time: 10 Weeks Outdoor: 3rd Week October Plant Info: This plant is the heaviest, greasiest, Sour Diesel version we’ve come across.

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  • Canadian Bred SeedsFem Derrick Diesel

    Image and description coming soon.

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  • HumboldtFem Desert Diesel

    Humboldt Seed Organization friends from Emerald Mountain seeds gave them some new Diesel testers a few years back. They crossed the best of them with HSO Amherst 81st and then they stabilized it. HSO remix of the famous Diesel fuses more yield and fuel smell...

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  • DinafemFem Diesel

    This NYC Diesel hybrid is a very intense strain, intense in flavour and intense in the effect. The grapefruit/lemony smell starts invading your grow room a few weeks into their growth cycle, revealing the potential of what's to come. This beautiful aroma will only intensify...

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  • SeedismFem Diesel

    When it comes to listing some of the most famous strains of marijuana, Diesel will usually feature quite highly on most lists. Properly named NYC Diesel, for it has its heritage in New York City, it has an intense flavour and potent high. She is...

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  • CBDFem Diesel

    This variety is one that enjoys the best reputation in the United States. It is believed that the first clones were selected by a grower in New York, so that is why it is also known as New York City Diesel. The plants are very...

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  • SpliffFem Diesel

    Diesel was created by cross breeding an Afghani #1 with a Hawaiian Sativa and it's fair to say that the result were nothing short of incredible. She has gone on to become one of the most widely grown, heavily smoked, and popularly cross bred strains...

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  • G13 LabsFem Diesel Auto

    Diesel Auto is the result of blending Canadian Ruderalis genetics with the legendary New York Diesel from the USA. The entire genetic history of this strain, which descends from the Chemdawg line, is too long to explain here. Its main strength is its taste, which...

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  • Garden of GreenFem Diesel Auto

    This is the automatic version of an elite NYC Diesel clone famed for its unmistakeable citrussy aroma. This is a very rapid strain that produces one large central bud surrounded by fairly big satellite buds, making it ideal for indoor Sea of Green systems. Outdoors,...

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  • SpeedFem Diesel Auto

    This strain is medium-sized and branches out well, making it very productive. This is one of our best tasting and best smelling auto strains with a multitude of nuances. The effect is very relaxing and psychoactive.Strain: Automatic hybrid Low Ryder #2 x NYC DieselGenetics: Mainly...

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  • Royal Queen SeedsFem Diesel Automatic

    This powerful, automatic flowering Diesel hybrid can go from 0 to 60 grams in only 60 days. This strain is a hybrid of the classic New York City Diesel crossed with the awesome Lowryder #2. Diesel Automatic offers the well-known and much-loved taste and aroma...

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