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  • Devils HarvestFem Casey Jones

    Casey Jones is a cross between Train Wreck, Sour Diesel, and Thai and gives a clean high that is smooth and uplifting. The plant itself is not only fast growing but offers very high yields for your efforts. Enjoy the very high yield of the...

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  • Devils HarvestReg Chiesel

    Two favourites meet in this powerhouse strain: the NYCD mother crossed with a BBC father. Flavour and effect are the two points of focus here, with the heady citrusy Diesel perfectly rounding off the pungent spacey Skunk sister.  The Cheese shortens the traditional nine to...

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  • Devils HarvestReg Dazy Jones

    World-famous Trainwreck is lovingly mixed with the classic Sour Diesel and finished off with a healthy dose of Thai in this high-yielding variety. Dense resinous flowers are accompanied by little foliage, leaving more ventilation to protect against mould and mildew. Commercial producers as well as...

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  • Devils HarvestReg Devils Dawg

    Get ready for an exciting new strain, courtesy of The Devil۪s Harvest Seed Co. The original Devil۪s Dawg, a potent hybrid that۪s perfect for medical growers, is a result of Devil۪s Haze and Chem Dawg being creatively combined to cover the entire cannabinoid spectrum. Haze...

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  • Devils HarvestFem Fallen Angel

    This is the newest strain from Devil's Harvest. We selected our Khufu clone and crossed it with the Shoreline S1 Polm to create our Fallen Angel. She is a fast flower Kush plant with the strong aroma of the Shoreline and a powerful blast of...

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  • Devils HarvestReg Hell's Bell

    More information coming soon

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  • Devils HarvestReg John Doe

    John Doe will get you out of your rut like a kick in the ***This fiendish plant is demanding. It will not appreciate overcrowding so ensure that veg time is limited or use bonsai techniques to help with air flow. She wants water – lots...

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  • Devils HarvestReg Khufu

    Build your own (green) pyramids just like the ancient ruler for whom this strain is named_ calyx upon calyx is layered to create a huge yield that will satisfy even the most discriminating of Kush lovers. The Kuchi male was backcrossed with the OG SFV...

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  • Devils HarvestReg/Fem Kuchi

    Itís said that varietyís the spice of life. Are you searching for that extra something to add a zing to your old collection? This fascinating hybrid is a case of Cheese meets San Fernando Valley (SFV) OG Kush. This original Cheese mother adds a fruity-tangy...

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  • Devils HarvestReg/Fem Rollex OG Kush

    White Fire and Kuchu Hybrid. Best strain at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2013. More detailed description soon.

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  • Devils HarvestFem Shoreline

    Shoreline is an old Sensi Skunk strain which made its way to the USA and there a group in Texas selected it. Sometime later, after a Grateful Dead concert in the Shoreline Amphitheater, the clone received its name and began to spread around the world....

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  • Devils HarvestReg Sour Smurf

    Super high yields are the main idea here, as the Power Plant that has rocked the commercial scene since the early 90۪s makes its return in a sparkly and sweet tasting new gem. The Strawberry Sour Diesel father enhances the large harvest with a refreshing,...

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  • Devils HarvestReg/Fem Strawberry Sour Diesel

    For the connoisseurs out there or those with a constant eye out for a new powerhouse strain to enhance their collection, the Strawberry Original F2 should not be missed. Straight out of the history books, the Strawberry Cough (Kyle Kushman) and Original Sour Diesel were...

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