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  • VisionFem Cheese

    There are a number of reasons why the Cheese line is so well known. Developed in the 1990s in the UK it is a cross between an Afghani Kush and a Skunk #1 and was bred for its high yield, good results, and short flowering...

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  • VisionFem Cheese

    Cheese is a world renowned strain that originally hails from the UK. It has good medicinal properties and is used as a painkiller as well as to control anxiety. The Skunk Kush mix means that the Indica dominant hybrid will flower in around 9 weeks,...

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  • SpliffFem Cheese

    A cross between an Afghani and a Skunk #1, the Cheese plant is named for its aroma and taste, both of which are reminiscient of a fine, mature cheese. This particular variant has taken a Dutch cheese and back crossed this with a Skunk No...

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  • Expert SeedsFem Cheese

    Cheese is a strain that has been developed over the past 20 years in the UK based on original Skunk genetics imported from the USA and refined for years for indoor use by an English underground squatter collective. Its fame has grown since then as...

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  • 710 GeneticsFem Cheese

    Cheese from 710 Genetics is a reliable and strong plant. Its intense, long-lasting Indica taste of cheese, makes your mouth water when you think of it, but there’s more than just flavour to this strain. The flowers have a dense coat of frosty crystals with...

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  • SeedismFem Cheese

    Cheese is a long time favourite strain for many growers since the first clones were available in the UK, but until now Seedism had only released the CheeseWreck, our popular (Arcata) Trainwreck hybrid created for us by RDG's brainchild HazeMaster.Our Cheese seeds are created by...

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  • SeedsmanFem Cheese

    A legendary strain bred from Original Skunk #1, this sativa can grow successfully indoors and outdoors in 9-10 weeks. Cheese combines both incredible potency with unrivalled flavour and is a real favourite of many a cannabis connoisseur throughout the world. Genetics: Original Skunk #1 pheno...

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  • KalimanReg Cheese #1

    Cheese was originally created by combining an Afghani Kush with a Skunk and Cheese #1 introduces a further line of Skunk #1 to further improve yield while retaining the unique cheesey flavour that gives the plant its name. The hybrid is mostly Sativa and you...

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  • LowlifeFem Cheese & Pineapple

    One of our first non-auto releases, psychosis cheese is very hard to come by, so what do you get when you cross psychosis clone cut and our very own pineapple kush? The best of both. We selected the genetics so that our strain would get...

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  • Garden of GreenFem Cheese Auto

    This is an auto-flowering version of the mythical Cheese, which was developed in the UK from a special Skunk #1 phenotype. We've crossed this with Low Ryder and after a long process of selection and crossing, have come up with a very compact, medium-sized strain....

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  • Big BuddhaFem Cheese Automatic

    Cheese Automatic combines the original UK Cheese strain with an autoflowering line to give a plant that is even easier to grow and that will be ready for harvesting in 8 weeks. The great benefit of Cheese Automatic is how easy it is to grow....

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  • DinafemFem Cheese Automatic

    Cheese Automatic is an autoflowering variant of the original Cheese clone. It has been crossed with a Critical+ autoflowering male and the finished product retains the Cheese flavour while also offering good production but being a little easier and quicker to grow. While many autoflowering...

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  • 00 SeedsFem Cheese Berry

    Cheese Berry is a feminized strain that combines UK Cheese with the popular Blueberry strain. It has an intense flavour and is a big producer so that you can enjoy the best of all worlds. Flowering time is around 10 weeks and you will be...

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  • BombReg/Fem Cheese Bomb

    Cheese Bomb was created by crossing a UK Cheese clone with a cross of Bomb #1 and Bomb #3. The result is a strain that offers the aroma and taste of cheese with a big yield and extra strength. Bomb strains are known for their...

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  • MTGReg Cheese Bomb

    Genetics: Mr. Cheese x Cherry Bomb Type: Hybrid Yield: Heavy Flowering Time: 9.5 Weeks Outdoor: Mid October Plant Info: This plant has long branches with dark green buds and a cherry cheese danish aroma.

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  • HazemanReg Cheese BX1

    It is mostly sativa, but a shorter sativa. It has the extra sharp cheddar cheese smell. It has big yields for a shorter sativa and pleasant smooth taste. It helps with pain but doesn't pin you to your chair. Genetics: UK Cheese X AWW male...

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  • DeliciousFem Cheese Candy

    Cheese Candy is a unique combination of a Cheese female, itself a cross between a Skunk and a Kush, and Caramelo. Buds are coated in resin and plants have a passion fruit and lavender aroma. Cheese candy combines the unique Cheese flavour with liquorice and...

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  • DeliciousFem Cheese Candy Automatic

    Cheese Candy Automatic is an autoflowering variant of the Cheese Candy line. It has autoflowering properties which make it easier to grow but it still retains the high yield of the original as well as the great, unique taste. Feminised Cheese Candy Automatic seeds will...

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  • Big BuddhaFem Cheese Dawg

    Cheese Dawg is a Big Buddha Cheese crossed with an original Chemdawg 91. This gives a knockout high that Chemdawg lines have become so well known for. The Big Buddha Cheese provides its own benefits too, with the unique Cheese aroma and flavour as well...

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  • Connoisseur GeneticsReg Cheese Dog

    Cheese Dog combines the benefits of UK Cheese with those of the Chemdog line. You will experience a potent weed that smells incredible and has a real hit to it. Cheese Dog does take slightly longer to grow than the original Cheese but it should...

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  • KushReg/Fem Cheese Kush

    This indica dominant cannabis strain is a cross of Cheese and OG Kush - combination of the best of the US and the best of the UK Heavy hitting and heavy yielding plant. It can reach a height of 150cm in 8 weeks. Type: Indica...

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  • Pisces GeneticsFem Cheese Master

    Genetics: Cheese x SoCal Master Kush Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks Odor/Taste: a perfect mix from both parents. Cheesey cherry earthiness...very rich, oldschool tasting herb.

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  • Connoisseur GeneticsReg Cheese N Chaze

    Cheese N Chaze is a plant that can grow either indoors or outdoors, has a flowering time of approxmately ten weeks and offers the amazing Cheesy tang that this range boasts. The cross between Cheese and Haze means that you can expect a really potent...

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  • Connoisseur GeneticsFem Cheese n Chong

    Cheese n Chong combines a UK Cheese with a Casey Jones, which is very popular in Dutch coffee shops where they really know their hard hitting strains. You will experience aniseed flavours when smoked. Big yields come thanks to the Cheese heritage, which was first...

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  • TGA SubcoolReg Cheese Quake

    Cheese Quake is a cross of a Cheese from Exodus and the Querkle strain. Depending on the exact phenotypes of your seeds you will either experience the musty taste of the Querkle or the Cheesy taste of the Cheese. Harvesting should occur in 8 or...

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  • KalimanReg Cheese Quattro

    Cheese Quattro is a pack of four different Cheese strains. The Cheese #1 is the original Exodus Cheese, while the Rockstar Cheese has a heavy citrus hit to go with the typical cheese taste and aroma. Cheese Tease has a smoother, even cream cheese flavour...

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  • KalimanReg Cheese Tease

    Cheese Tease is a cross between a Cheese clone from the original Exodus line with a Skunk #1 hybrid. This gives a creamier flavour rather than the full mature cheese tones associated with the Exodus. The Cheese Tease line will usually take around 8 weeks...

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  • Royal Dutch GeneticsFem Cheese Wreck

    Cheese Wreck is an original cross between the Royal Dutch Cheese and the Royal Dutch TrainWreck. This 100% female breeder cross has obtained an infamous reputation since it's release over a year ago. With some phenotypes leaning more towards the Cheese and others more towards...

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  • SagarmathaFem Cheese Wreck

    Cheese Wreck is one of the more popular 21st Century strains thanks to its combination of Cheese and Train Wreck lineage. You will feel the effects of the marijuana almost immediately after smoking and continue to enjoy it for some time after. Expect to wait...

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  • DinafemFem Cheese XXL Auto

    Cheese XXL Auto by Dinafem Seeds is a feminized autoflowering Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis cannabis strain that results from the cross between a Cheese and a Ruderalis. It is a high-quality hybrid with which to obtain fast quality crops in an easy way.Cheese XXL Auto is the automatic...

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  • Green DevilReg/Fem Cheesecake

    This variety is more sativa plant with great vigour, with large side branches, large flowers is more slender and elongated than Cheese UK production and has a different flavour and sweet cheese with a touch more fresh berries and Skunks. High resin production. Genetics: Chenol...

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  • Freedom of SeedsFem Cheesedom

    Cheesedom is a cross between the original UK strain of Cheese from the 1990s and Cheese Quake from TGA. Cheese Quake itself was created by combining the Exodus Cheese with the unique Querkle strain so there are heavy Cheese undertones in this strain. Be warned...

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