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  • Good HouseReg High Land

    Genetics: Jack Herer & WW X KGB. SATIVA INDICA 35% x 65%. Type: Stabilized hybrid. Vegetative period: 2 weeks. Flowering indoor: 9 weeks. Flowering outdoor: after 72 days. Yield: 300 gr / plant outdoors and 300 gr/m2 indoors.

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  • Good HouseReg Red Horse

    Genetic: Jack Herer & Top 44 X KGB SATIVA INDICA 50% x 50% Type: stabilized polyhybrid Vegetative Period: 3 to 4 weeks Indoor flowering: 7-8 weeks of Outdoor flowering: 8 to 9 weeks Yield: Indoor> 400 g/m2 and Outdoor, more That 500 gr / plant....

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  • SpliffReg Afghan

    Afghan cannabis strains are 100% pure Indica and originate from the Kush mountains of Afghanistan. They have a very high concentration of THC and, while traditionally they are very tall and even unwieldy plants, selective breeding has helped to reduce the size and improve the...

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  • SpliffReg Master Kush

    80% Indica. Genotype: Hindu Kush xTrainwreck x Skunk No. 1. Powerful earthy Kush aroma and a lemon, sweet taste. Tight, compact buds and easy to grow. Suitable for all mediums. Very commercial strain. High CBD level. Bodybuzz high. Potential THC level high.Her Hindu Kush ancestors...

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  • SpliffReg Haze no.1

    Sweet and sour – floral– spicy – woody – Haze that is 90-95% pure Sativa with a genotype of Afghani #1 x O. Haze x Skunk #1. Haze no.1 gives a powerful THC psycho active high and has a high percentage of CBD and the...

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  • SpliffReg Royal Thai

    80% Sativa. Genotype: Early Thai x Skunk no.1. On the whole, the aroma is a sweet chocolaty with a tinge of roasted coffee. It has a tangy-citrusy taste with a fantastic chocolate aftertaste a truly high quality strain. Its flowering time is between 11 to...

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  • SpliffReg Skunk No.1

    60% Sativa.  Genotype:  Afghani x Colombian Gold x Thai. Musky, soft skunk aroma and skunky, sweet fruity flavor. Mold and disease resistant. Easy to grow.  Easy to manicure. Powerful, stimulating high. Potential THC level medium-high. The Skunk no.1 has been used to form many, many...

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  • Mr NiceReg Walkabout

    You want to go Walkabout? A selection of mixed outdoor varieties with all genetics of supreme sources including Thai, Haze, India, early Skunks, Mexicans and New Guinea. Highly recommended for those in need of a walkabout. A guaranteed recipe for outdoors or greenhouse cultivators, with...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Durban Magic

    Durban Magic is an indigenous strain found all over Durbans countryside. Its strongs fruity flavour is represented by its various shades of green,orange and purple resinous buds. A long lasting, uplifting high with a strong sense of clarity. The tight, dense buds almost give an...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Mozambica

    It has been said that the strain had arrived on african soil due to arab traders in the early 1200_s. Large, resinous plants with big buds and a hint of blue. A great genetic strain to cross pollinate with other strains. The High is clear...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Transkei

    The Transkei’s Long slender buds shine with a lime green and purple tint. Famous for its fruity Aroma and good clean natural, cerebral high. This Sativa strain from the eastern cape of Southern Africa, is the ideal strain for both indoor and outdoor growers. Another...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Zamal Reunion

    A small island off the east Coast of Africa, Reunion Island is home to its indigenous “Zamal” plant. This Tropical Sativa is renowned for its colossal size. Big buds, A Lot of branches, highly populated bud clusters with a massive yield. Zamal has a strong...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Zimbabwe

    On the border of South Africa, this strains grows strong and slender, in the lush valleys of zimbabwe This resilient strain, grown in the warm african climate, makes it an excellent strain for cross pollination Zimbabwe has medium sized, light green buds that give a...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Malawi Gold

    This Notorious strain, also known as “chamba” is grown exclusively in the Central and Northern Regions of Malawi. ”Chamba” is considered internationally, as one of the best sativas in Africa. This Gold standard sativa has a pineapple flavour and a very sweet taste. This strains...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Swazi Gold

    Swazilands “gold”, grows tall and plentyful. Its mountainous origin makes it a very resilient plant for all weather conditions. The Large buds are extremely resinous, and has a strong fruity flavour and a very productive high. Africa’s “swazi” is the most sought after local strain...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Coffee Gold

    Coffee Gold is named after a place where the local tribes call it medicine. This ancient lineage is carried on through the integrity of the strain and its effects felt when consumed as per the traditional of the local tribesman as a herbal remedy. Its...

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  • Seeds of AfricaReg Pondo Mystic

    Pondo Mystic is a landrace sativa strain name from an ancient tribe. The plant grows very tall and produces long slender buds that carry a mysitcal light green colour. Pondo Mystic delivers a high that is very focused and clear and will allow you to...

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  • CeresReg Skunk

    GOOD OLD HABIT Ceres Seeds own version of a good-old skunk. This variety is also a great choice for beginners because of its stability and persistence under almost any condition. Skunk is THE original Indica x sativa hybrid. It has a musky & sweet, heavy...

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  • White LabelReg/Fem White Skunk

    White Skunk

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  • High QualityReg Haze x Skunk

    High Quality Seeds Haze x Skunk is a F1 hybrid that has the good qualities of Skunk #1.  Haze x Skunk is a big plant, mostly sativa.   It's cannabis seeds producing leaves with 11 or 13 fingers and hard buds.  Haze x Skunk takes...

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  • High QualityReg South India x Skunk

    High Quality South India x Skunk produces long, slim female plants so they can be planted closer to each other. Wouth India x Skunk has nice T.H.C content, tastes sweet. Plant Height:  Tall; Mostly Sativa Buzz Type:  Mild Cerebral Sativa High T.H.C. Level:  Moderate; 5-10%...

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  • High QualityReg Swazi x Skunk

    High Quality Swazi x Skunk is a beautiful strain from Swaziland, mainly Sativa. Swazi x Skunk has a sweet hash-like taste and its cannabis seeds produce a great flower to leaf ratio with very tall buds and a very nice high! Plant Height: Tall; Mostly...

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  • High QualityReg Super Thai x Skunk

    High Quality Super Thai x Skunk is a sativa from Thailand that has a surprising high. It۪s a tall and slender plant with its cannabis seeds producing a nice herbal flavour.  Super Thai x Skunk is well suited for outdoor cultivation because of it۪s very...

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  • FlashReg/Fem Kush van Stitch Automatic

    If you are looking for a plant rich in flavour, very strong, indica, highly effective production of highly durable resin and very fast, look no further, here is the plant for you! Our breeder Stitch had a vision of creating an autoflowering version of the very...

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  • De SjamaanReg Magic Crystal

    This is a combination of White Widow and California Orange which gives a strong and fruity flavour. This succulent blend is truly magic. Magic Crystal is a cannabis variety which is good for a stoned feeling rather than a high feeling. o Type: California Orange...

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  • BombReg/Fem Hash Bomb

    Hash Bomb is the ideal cross of powerful Hash from the Far East and a new age Amsterdam Skunk and Bomb.Low and sweet, with very little smell, this plant and product have an extremely low profile whilst maintaining high production and fast flowering. Another bonus...

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  • NirvanaReg Aurora Indica

    The Aurora Indica strain takes Northern Lights and mixes this with an Afghan parent. The fruity aroma is reminiscent of mango and citrus fruits and the marijuana grown provides a powerful, Indica buzz that is highly sought after. The plant itself will remain short which...

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  • NirvanaReg/Fem Blue Mystic

    Blue Mystic is one of the most popular strains of blue you have come to expect FROM Nirvana. This mostly Indica strain with some origins in California, produces heavy buds with a velvet blue hue in the latter stages of bloom under good growing conditions....

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  • NirvanaReg/Fem Bubblelicious

    Bubblelicious is often known as Bubble Gum and has collected a number of awards and second place positions in Cannabis cups. It produces compact buds that are coated in crystals and has incredible candy like aroma and taste. As well as the bubblegum taste, Bubblelicious...

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  • NirvanaReg California Orange Bud

    California Orange Bud has a stunning orange aroma and is a very sweet tasting strain too. One of the greatest features of this tsrain is the excellent yield size that it produces when given the right right conditions. Mediuma THC content is to be expected...

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  • NirvanaReg Chrystal

    Chrystal is a White Widow and Northern Lights cross. She has big buds that are incredibly sticky and she will smell of fuel when growing. She also has a very fast effect, which helped her to win the Highlife 2002 award. The plant will grow...

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  • NirvanaReg/Fem Ice

    With Ice we have attempted to bring quality and quantity together. Ice flowers are richly covered in trichomes with a dense consistency usually along a main stem and a high flower to leaf ratio. Fantastic for hydro applications as well as soil cultivation. Ice has...

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