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  • White LabelReg Rhino

    This intensely potent hybrid has been bred to maximise the resin content and yield of the famous White Widow. White Label Rhino is an enhancement of Widow, in the same way that Super Skunk improves on the production and potency of Skunk #1. Both next...

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  • De SjamaanReg Amazonia

    This a special hybrid of Master Widow with Green Thai, which has a sweet creamy aroma reminiscent of the original Thai sticks. Dreamy. o Type: Green Thai X Master Widow o Indoor flowering: 56 70 days. o Indoor yield: up to 500 gram per m2....

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  • De SjamaanReg Brainstorm

    The White Widow crossed with Hazed and Skunk inspires this unique brainstorm. This long lasting narcotic high will have you crawling back for more of this amazing marijuana. Lay back and reach for unknown heights. Are you in for some brainstorming? Brainstorm was formerly known...

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  • CH9Fem FG13

    FG13 has an effect that is both bright and elevating. This plant has been produced by crossing a PG13 multiple female hybrid with a CH9 flower and citral resulting in a plant that can be grown year round indoors although it is better suited to...

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  • CannaBioGenReg/Fem Sandstorm

    A great plant to make hashish from two great hashish lines, both 100% Indica: the mother, an Indica from the Chitral Kush region coupled with an exceptional male clone from Arabene, Morocco. It gives very dense nuggets covered with resin. These plants need to be...

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  • SamsaraFem Kiss Dragon

    This is the result of a cross between a Nepalese Sativa; carefully chosen from within thousands of specimens and a Black Domina; which happens to be one of our best Indica varieties. The resulting breed is an average-sized plant covered with constellations of resin crystal-covered...

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  • Joint DoctorReg/Fem Betty Boo

    Betty Boo is a shirt short plant that grows extremely resinous and compact buds. It is especially ideal for constricted spaces and was developed by the Joint Doctor. It was, in fact, an accidental creation that occurred when a Mazar and Lowryder #2 were cross...

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  • SpliffFem Early Spliff

    55% Indica. Genotype: Skunk xEarly Pearl. Pungently sweet aroma  and skunk flavor. Early flowering. Mold and fungus resistant. Tall and lanky.Stretched huge buds. Warm, glowing high. Potential THC level medium. Early Spliff is created with our Skunk no.1 as a father and an Early Pearl...

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  • Strain HuntersFem Big Tooth

    The Big Tooth grows fast and very vigorous. It has a very good resistance to pests, mould and cold temperatures. It is a very bushy plant with medium sized internodes and tends to branch out very well if the size of the root system allows...

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  • Joint DoctorReg/Fem Lowryder

    Discontinued. See also: Lowryder #2 or Betty Boo Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and figuratively), Lowryder was developed for extreme rapid growth (life cycle is 8 weeks from seed to bud), uniquely short height, and amazingly versatile. Lowryder is stable and reliable...

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  • Green HouseFem Arjan's Haze #3

    A tall plant with long branches, this Haze performs extremely well both indoors and out. A big THC-producer and an elegant smoke, with trippy undertones. Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions. Genetics: Haze, Laos. Effect: Euphoric high, very social and creative. One of the fruitiest...

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  • Dutch PassionReg/Fem Euforia

    This "High Times" and "High Life" cup winner was developed by breeders in 1996. It is a very fine Skunk selection bred to produce bumper harvests for the commercial grower. Its taste is not as sweet as other Skunk`s but the high is strong and...

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  • MandalaReg Krystalica

    Welcome to the new edition of Krystalica for 2012! This new stock has only minimal variation to the previous edition which was voted "Strain of the Year" 2011 by High Times. The major change is that we used an almost identical "sister" of the previous...

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  • Green HouseFem Lemon Skunk

    Awards: HighLife 1st Place 2007. Genetics: Old school Skunk, from the Amsterdam underground.. Effect: Smooth citrus flavour, complex effect, well balanced and long-lasting.. Flowering indoor: Ready in 8 weeks, but an extra week will increase dramatically terpens content in the resin, resulting in a much richer flavour ...

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  • FemaleFem Northern Light

    Still going strong! Different plant, same product. This strain has been undergoing constant changes for 15 years now; higher flower rate, sugared buds, fewer and thinner leaves resulted in higher yields in a S.O.G. But still the same strong product, with the original NL smell...

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  • Dutch PassionReg/Fem Power Plant

    Power Plant (mostly Sativa) was developed by us in 1997 from new South African genetics. This strain has been inbred only, never hybridized. Very rich in THC. It is a strain with an enormous grow potential. Indoor as well as in a greenhouse the plants...

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  • White LabelReg/Fem White Widow

    The backbone of the Dutch coffee-shop industry, the first of the ‘white’ strains and an all-round commercial success story, White Widow is one of the most famous names in modern growing. While this is partly due to the memorable name, her speed, yield and stunningly...

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  • Green HouseFem Diamond Girl

    Previously known as Silver Pearl, this is a classic from the Green House Coffeeshop menu, now available in seed form. It flowers in 8 weeks, and can produce indoors up to 750 grams per square meter (under 1000 Watt of light per square meter). Outdoors...

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  • Green HouseFem Ladyburn 1974

    The Ladyburn 1974 (Jack Herer x Ice Dream) is a 9-weeker. Mostly indica, it is easy-to-grow and carries a very good yield. The effect is stoned at first, but it evolves in a very pleasant high. It is medicinally effective in pain therapy. It is...

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  • Flying DutchmenReg Afghanica

    Dominant Afghan taste, form and quality of high coupled with dominant Skunk yield, vigour and general potency gives you the cream of the crops. Heavy compact buds that drip with resin in the heat. Heavy stone. Good for many medical applications. Developed: Afghanistan, Holland, F-1...

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  • CH9Fem Aroma

    Growers looking for a short growing time and great quality weed should consider trying their hand at growing the Aroma strain. It has a smell of bubble gum with floral and earthy scents while remaining a short plant that is especially sell suited to indoor...

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  • Homegrown FantaseedsReg/Fem Big Bud

    Big Bud has the biggest yield of any plant in the Skunk family. It will typically require support when she hits the flowering cycle but her size and yield means that she is a very popular commercial option. The Sativa Indica hybrid has psychoactive effects...

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  • CH9Fem Jack

    If you have or know someone who has multiple sclerosis this product comes highly recommended. Jack is versatile, full of energy and taste, good producer and gives a long lasting intellectual high. Good to vaporise and has musk in its scent combined with other depths....

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  • CH9Fem NL5 Haze Jack 33

    A cross between the NL5 Haze X Ch9 Jack 33. Limited Edition.(Picture shown is a NL5Haze plant producing some fem seeds) (Can be grown outdoor & indoor) Flowering time: 9 weeks Indoor yield: Up to 80 gr indoor with 35-45 days of veg . Outdoor...

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  • MandalaReg Satori

    In 2006 we introduced our new Satori. We have refined this strain genetically to produce an even more reliable and powerful cross that will delight your connoisseur heart. Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has shown impressive hardiness against spider mites and...

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  • White LabelFem Skunk #1

    The strain that changed cannabis culture and has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century is now available as a feminised variety! The potency of this branch of the cannabis family tree is so notorious that skunk۪ is often used as a term for...

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  • CH9Fem Super Haze

    Great for closet and home box garden. Fabulous taste, great high, long lasting, cerebral and motivational. Astringent aroma. Limited series. This strain is of great medicinal value and really helps alleviate spasms from multiple sclerosis. (Can be grown outdoor & indoor) Flowering time: 8-9 weeks...

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  • Buddha SeedsReg/Fem White Dwarf Automatic

    White Dwarf is an autoflowering variety with a pervasive scent and a sweet flavour. This is derived from the crossing of two powerful indicas. White Dwarf is ready to harvest two months after sewing, regardless of photoperiod. This trait makes it perfect for early crops....

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  • FemaleFem Lemon Kush

    A Chitral kush from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With an unique strong herbal lemon smell and taste. She is mostly indica with small hard nugs and with a little stretch towards the end. Stoney, yet high all-round buzz. So, despite...

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  • BulldogFem Northern Light

    Category: Indoor/Outdoor Pedigree: Skunk#1 x Northern Light Indica/Sativa: Mostly Indica 80/20 Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Yield: 500/600 gr./sqm

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  • SeedMakersFem Critical

    Originally a Big Bud selection. Critical is the choice of commercial growers, a powerful indica, with monstrous buds which amaze so much because of its potency and production. Flowering 55 days Some of the best SeedMakers marijuana seeds which are for sale

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  • SeedMakersFem AK Automatic

    One of the most famous varieties, now in autoflowering version. This AK hybrid will surprise you because of its speed, potency and exquisite flavour. Take a look through our SeedMakers seeds that are available today

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