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Black Buddha Quick View

Black Buddha

£9.77 GBP

The holy lineage of Hindu Budha and Black Domina created the Ganja godchild of Black Budha. A cerebral smoke with exotic flavor make every worshipe...
Buddha Haze Quick View

Buddha Haze

£6.35 GBP

Buddha Haze is a cross between Amnesia Haze, widely considered to be the best of the Haze strains, and a Manga Rosa from Spain. This particular str...
Buddha Kush OG Quick View

Buddha Kush OG

£6.25 GBP

After years of extensive research, the search for the ultimate Kush strain has come to an end!!! Big Buddha Seeds have been lovers of Kush varietie...
Buddha Tahoe Quick View

Buddha Tahoe

£6.35 GBP

Buddha Tahoe is a Cannabis Cup winning strain that arose as a result of back crossing OG Kush to create a potent and enjoyable strain of cannabis. ...
Buddha Tahoe OG Quick View

Buddha Tahoe OG

£9.66 GBP

Buddha Tahoe OG is a fast working OG variant. She is pure Tahoe OG and as soon as you first inhale her, she will send you high and keep you there f...
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Buddha's Dream Quick View

Buddha's Dream

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Big frosty nugs that taste like pure candy is all we can say about Buddha’s Dream. The Blue Dream mother is one of our favourite strains to grow an...
Buddha's Hand Quick View

Buddha's Hand

£7.00 GBP

Genetics: Lemon Thai x Snow LotusFlowering Time: MediumHeight: MediumCharacteristics: Big Mindful Medicine MakerThis strain is named after the big ...
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Buddha's on Moonshine Quick View

Buddha's on Moonshine

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Frost, Frost, Frost, the aliens have landed and this time they brought the frost! Our Buddhas On Moonshine is an indica leaning cross that is extre...
Buddha's Sister Quick View

Buddha's Sister

£11.00 GBP

Buddha's Sister is a Cannabis Cup winning strain and was previously called Soma Kunk V+. She was created by combining Siddhartha with an Afghani Ha...
G13 Haze x Buddha's Sister Quick View

G13 Haze x Buddha's Sister

£13.33 GBP

Previously called Soma Skunk V+, this variety was renamed Buddha`s sister to suit her tendencies and advance her appeal to Amsterdam coffeeshops. W...
G13 Haze x Reclining Buddha Quick View

G13 Haze x Reclining Buddha

£13.33 GBP

Reclining Buddha is a 3-way hybrid that combines the genetics of Holland`s Hope with Super Skunk and Big Skunk Korean. Circulating in the Netherlan...
Laughing Buddha Quick View

Laughing Buddha

£5.88 GBP

A real favourite, this award-winning marijuna is an exotic, almost pure Sativa plant, with a very fruity aroma and an intense Sativa high. It does ...
Purple Buddha Quick View

Purple Buddha

£4.99 GBP

The Purps x Blue Buddha The Purple Buddha is another home-running BC Bud Depot hybrid, a strain aimed at combining the best of both parents, the 20...
Reclining Buddha Quick View

Reclining Buddha

£11.12 GBP

3rd place, 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, best indica. Reclining Buddha is a 3-way cross breed which blends the genes of Holland's Hope with Super...