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  • BodhiReg Pura Vida

    Genetics: Hollywood Pure Kush x Appalachia Flowering time: 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: October Height: Medium/tall Characteristics: Open mind, fluid body…. Pura Vida is good life bud. Taking the queen of Kush cuts and letting the Appalachia male do its love magic thing, a very beautiful...

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  • BodhiReg Satsuma

    Heavenly orange frost wands to melt away the blues and put you into your dancing shoes. Taking the queen of orange cannabis, the AE73 Cali O cut and mixing in the sublime attributes of the Snow Lotus male, a beautiful heavy citrus goddess is born....

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  • BodhiReg Silver Mountain

    Genetics: Super Silver Haze x Green Crack x Tres Dawg Flowering time: 9-11 weeks Height: Heavy Characteristics: Heavy hazy wands of wizardry Silver Mountain is a big yielding haze/Chem family hybrid, using my proven male of Appalachia: H&Ls hybrid of Green  Crack and JJs Tres...

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  • BodhiReg Snow Leopard

    Genetics: Tiger Melon x Snow Lotus Flowering time: Medium Height: Medium Snow Leopard is a deadly 4 way cross of ChemDawg, a landrace Uzbekistani hashplant, Afgooey, and Blockhead. Rich  tropical perfume sweet abundant colas dripping in resin, with mango, citrus, and floral overtones, with deep...

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  • BodhiReg Solo's Stash

    Genetics: Hollywood Pure Kush x Snow Lotus (Star Wars Bounty Hunter Stash Remix Series)  Flowering time: Medium This is a genetic remix of my Jabba's Stash strain (Bubba Kush x Snow Lotus), using the Hollywood pure Kush as the  mother. The Hollywood Pure Kush is...

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  • BodhiReg Sunshine Daydream

    Genetics: Bubbashine (Bubba Kush x Blue Moonshine) x Appalachia (Green Crack x JJs Tres Dawg) Flowering time: Medium Sunshine Daydream is a hybrid of one of my all time favourites, Bubbashine which is a cross of Bubba Kush and Blue  Moonshine (rare stretch indica pheno),...

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  • BodhiReg Super Snow Lotus

    Genetics: Mass Super Skunk x Snow Lotus Flowering time: 9 - 10 weeks Height: Medium Characteristics: Big Fat Sativa Skunk Super Snow Lotus is a big yielding classic American sativa skunk hybrid. Taking the infamous old school Massachusetts super skunk clone and fortifying it with...

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  • BodhiReg Superstitious

    Stevie Wonder was one of the first hybrids i ever made and is still one of my favourite strains. Its an incredibly stunning plant comprised of Sensi Star, Trainwreck, Blueberry and Bubba Kush. It's unmistakable aroma and unique look set it apart from all the...

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  • BodhiReg The Fuzz

    Genetics: Chem 91 x Appalachia Flowering time: 9 weeks Height: Tall Outdoor Harvest: October A fuzzed up feeling good ChemDawg family mashup with a touch of Green Crack in the mix. The fuzz is a chunky,  kunky, sweet and sour diesely fusion of Chem 91...

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  • BodhiReg Tigers Milk

    This hybrid rocks the Kasbah every time... inside and out, she puts out potent pillars of fruity kushy chem nugs with accents of honey rolled durbar incense, Ethiopian frankincense, cane syrup, pinacolada, and mocha chai latte's. Expect extreme frost and strong effect that makes you...

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  • BodhiReg White Lotus

    Genetics: The White x Snow Lotus Flowering time: Medium Height: Medium Characteristics: Extreme Frost and Potency Kromes "The White" is probably the most consistently trichome covered plant currently out there, it’s solid, deadly  potent, and has a warm tart hashy taste. The Snow Lotus male...

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