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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Affie Bubba

    The Affie Bubba Lineage : pre1998 Bubba Kush x Humboldt afghaniType : Indica / SativaIndoor flowering : 65 daysOutdoor flowering : 15th of OctoberProduction : 400 to 500g/m2Bouquet : earthy/hashy/coffee/botanical

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Blacktooth

    The lineage of Blacktooth is made of a female Black Domina (Ortega pheno). Expect some nice size nugs covered in frost, very similar in shape, great for sea of green. Some fruity weed with a nice punch, ideal flowering time would be 65 days, but...

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Choke Berry

    Choke Berry is a cross of a selected Moondawg from brother Loompa stock that we kept over the years. She is Chemdog 91 dominant ready in 9 weeks, with hard rock buds and loads of crystals. Choke Berry is very easy to grow and clones,...

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Humboldtistan

    Afghani IBL, picked up in the 70's in Afghanistan, acclimatized and grown since then in Humboldt California, comes from the vault of one of the best breeder in the world. True old school pot ! Lineage: Lowland Afghani Acclimatized in Humboldt For 40+ YearsIndoor Flowering:...

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Krakatoa

    A nice female fruit loop haze from their brother Krip Keeper stock and crossed it with our beautiful Mau-Mau dad, the result is mouth watering krakatoa that flowers in only 9 weeks, with an average yield but top quality smoke. Flowering : Photoperiod Genetics :...

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Maramota #10

    Maramota is extremely easy to grow, clones very well, good for SOG setup without much Veg time or SCROG setup with training of the lower branches. Maramota will double it's size when flowered, yield is good to excellent. Resinous plant, Carbon scrubber is a must...

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Mary Carmen

    Mary Carmen is a fantastic cannabis strain from Blazing Pistileros Seeds which is currently only available in a Regular Cannabis Seed Option. This high quality cannabis seed is produced by Blazing Pistileros Seeds and is one of the huge number of popular Blazing Pistileros Seeds...

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  • Blazing PistilerosReg Mau-mau

    Mau Mau is a blockhead indica dominant crossed with a male killa queen F6. The result is some amazing crystal covered buds that turns golden once ready to be picked. Mau mau is very easy to grow, not ferts sensitives, harvest will depends on your...

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