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  • Black LabelReg Blue Berries

    Black Label Seeds Blue Berries cannabis is a very special Indica/Sativa hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa). It's cannabis seeds produce strong fast growing plants, very convenient for the indoor and/or outdoor growing for its managable height - 100-130 cm and a neutral smell, compared to many...

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  • Black LabelReg Holland's Hope

    Black Label Seeds Hollands Hope cannabis is a stable hybrid of Afghan and Skunk genotypes and is developed by  Black Label for tough outdoor conditions. First cultivated and harvested in Netherlands in early 80s, Hollands Hope has been showing excellent performance in other European countries...

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  • Black LabelReg Jack Herer

    Ready for harvesting in September – October when grown outside these plants are probably better when grown inside and they will be ready in about seven to ten weeks. The plant is of a controllable size and bears gorgeous buds that deliver an award winning...

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  • Black LabelReg Master Kush

    Black Label Seeds Master Kush is a cross breed of two different Hindu Kush strains. Her main characteristics are easy growing, high yields of big buds with strong long lasting high. This marijuana variety represents an indica/sativa family and possesses the best qualities of the...

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  • Black LabelReg Neville's Haze

    Black Label Seeds Neville's Haze  is one of the strongest Haze varieties from the Black Label seed collection. She combines the original Haze - an almost psychedelic tropical Sativa - with one quarter Northern Lights - a powerful, heavy-hitting indica and is often used for...

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  • Black LabelReg Ole 47

    Developed by Black Label Seeds in the 1970s when breeding experiments crossed Indica and Sativa strains until a new and unique form came into being. Indica-dominant Ole 47 was immediately adopted by growers and consumers alike because of its many qualities. It's quick and easy...

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  • Black LabelReg Sensi Star

    Black Label Seeds Sensi Star represents a family of indica strains with a well pronounced sativa hint. Cannabis seeds of Sensi Star were developed by the Black Label specially for everyone who likes a strong indica after a hard day. She is one of world۪s...

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  • Black LabelReg White Widow

    Black Label Seeds White Widow is the most potent cannabis on Earth and is named for the abundance of trichomes, giving the plant a whitish tint. It is also one of the more powerful strains of marijuana (alongside AK-47 and Afghan Kush) with a very...

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