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  • Jordan of the IslandsReg BC Big Bud

    ** CANNABIS CUP WINNER ** "This British Columbian cousin to Big Bud will not disappoint. True to its name, it produces beautiful big buds that have a citrusy scent and flavor. While Big Bud from the Netherlands is mostly indica, BC Big Bud has been...

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  • Homegrown FantaseedsReg/Fem Big Bud

    Big Bud has the biggest yield of any plant in the Skunk family. It will typically require support when she hits the flowering cycle but her size and yield means that she is a very popular commercial option. The Sativa Indica hybrid has psychoactive effects...

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  • NirvanaReg Big Bud

    Big Bud is an old commercial strain and she is a potent variant of the Skunk family. As the name suggests, she benefits especially from massive buds once fully grown and it may be necessary to offer additional support for the plants because of this...

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  • SensiReg/Fem Big Bud

    Big Bud has incredible heritage, which started out in the USA before being moved to Holland in the 80s. Originally, this strain was created by combining Skunk with an Afghanica and the end result was nothing short of remarkable. Big Bud has become known for...

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  • VisionFem Big Bud

    Big Bud is everywhere. Not only is it a very popular strain with commercial growers but with smokers too. It is strong, has a massive yield potential, and it has a pedigree that is difficult to match in cannabis circles. The strain is predominantly Indica...

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  • High QualityReg Big Bud Super Skunk

    Big Bud Super Skunk arose because of the incredible results that were attained when breeding the original Big Bud. This particular variant on the theme not only has a massive yield and sweet taste but it also has a unique high thanks to the moderate...

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  • Ministry of CannabisFem Big Bud XXL

    Big Bud XXL is another strain that follows on from the incredible success, popularity and stunning yield that is offered by the Big Bud line. The feminised variant is typical of an Indica as it will not grow especially tall but will perform very well...

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  • World of SeedsFem Northern Light x Big Bud

    Northern Light x Big Bud

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  • Expert SeedsFem Northern Light x Big Bud ...

    Canadian Ruderalis genes were used to provide the automatic properties which we've crossed and re-crossed to ensure a 100% auto-flowering strain that starts flowering after 25 days and will be ready to crop in around twelve weeks. In its non-auto version, Northern Lights x Big Bud...

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  • World of SeedsFem Northern Light x Big Bud ...

    Northern Light x Big Bud Automatic

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  • FemaleFem White Widow x Big Bud

    Expect enormous dripping from resin buds from this one. With the ‘knock-out’ White Widow Stone after 7-8 weeks of 12/12.

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