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  • SpliffFem AK Automatic

    This particula strain of AK Automatic takes the features of some of the best known cannabis plants from all over the world to create a great indoor plant, although it can also survive and perform admirably outdoors as well. The AK, which is a mix...

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  • BlimburnFem Tijuana

    Tijuana is the stable result of a three-way cross. It is an almost pure sativa with flavours that linger on the palate. It is a good, creative strain. Genetics Mother Queen x Original Haze Variety Pure Sativa Sex Feminised THC Content High CBD Content Unknown...

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  • PyramidFem Auto Nefertiti

    The Auto Nefertiti strain is a Sativa dominant strain with some Ruderalis and a little Indica thrown into the mix. The result is a plant that has exceptional yields per plant and can be grown outdoors or indoors. The Auto Nefertiti variant is similar to...

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  • AutofemFem Auto Oil

    Auto Oil is the newest strain from this all auto seed company. AUTOFEM are the latest in Spanish seed companies now producing cannabis seeds and they have a unique formula for success. Oil will go from germinated seed to fully ripe bud in as little...

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  • GenehtikFem Northern Lights Auto

    This plant is a hybrid result of various crosses og the legendary NORHTERN LIGHTS with some auto-flowering strains. It is a auto-flowering, productive and powerful. Its growth stage is of approximately 2 weeks and it quickly starts to bloom. For an auto-flowering plant, it is...

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  • Reggae SeedsReg Kalijah

    For an effect that opens you up and realise your imagination Kalijah delivers. Although she isnít the best for production purposes her high excellence when harvested will go towards you accepting that. For the best results leave her to grow for four or five weeks...

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  • AC GeneticsFem Quick Fruit Automatic

    Quick Fruit is an autoflowering variety characterized by her high yield and an especially sweet taste and scent. This hybrid between a Lowryder #2 and a Grapefruit variety can most definitely be called a success. Quick Fruit will become slightly larger than the average autoflowering...

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  • Holy SmokeReg Swazi Gold

    Brought back to Malawi by Malawian gold miners during Theba 1940-1980 and World renowned! Swazi Gold is known for its sweet distinct taste and quick high. Strong growth and a good building block for breeders. Variety type: Regular Sativa THC: High, 14-18% Yield: Good 650-780g/m2...

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  • Underground OriginalsReg Blues

    The Blues cannabis strain has a powerful, relaxing effect, that makes it popular with smokers. It also has a great taste that is a little sweet and very memorable. The effect of Blues is that of an old school stoned whereby you will feel giggly...

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  • SeedsmanReg G13 Skunk

    With impressive lineage this is one of our most popular hybrid strains. From the notorious American strain comes the mother plant whilst the father is a Skunk #1 from The Skunkman. The Afghani roots of G13 Skunk mean it is likely to have high CBD...

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  • KannabiaFem White Domina Automatic

    Our most psychoactive variety of autoflowering. The selection of Ruderalis has been really specific: tall plants with thick stems to support the weight of flowers, in order to guarantee the biggest size. A strain that tends to form a thick and large central bud. We...

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  • Delta 9 LabsReg Brainstorm Haze G13

    Brainstorm Haze G13 has combined a Thai female with a Stargazer male before finally crossing it with a G13 Haze to increase the size of the buds which had, until that point, been small Sativa like buds. The Sativa dominant strain that resulted was the...

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  • VisionFem La Blanca Gold

    You dream of resin, you dream of flowers and leaves covered in glistening white gold, you dream of unimaginable sticky fingers followed by an oasis of peacefulness and relaxation. Well if it's up to me you can stop dreaming and start growing - "La Blanca...

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  • Rare DanknessReg Grape Ox

    This strain has tons of purple and smells of grapesand blueberries. It has a high THC content and can be used as a medicinal strain.Type: IndicaGenetics: Grape Ape x OXFlowering time: 60-65 daysHeight: Short

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  • Dr KripplingFem Bubba-Yum Automatic

    A select pick of Bubblegum Auto strains mixed with an auto cheese strain – forms dense buds, bursting with scrumptious flavours and aromas. Bubba Yum's mix is a marriage made in heaven and possibly produces the sweetest autoflowering buds in the world. THC: 17% Flowering...

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  • Big BuddhaFem CHIESEL Automatic

    CHIESEL x 3rd Generation Automatic Big Buddha's CHIESEL Automatic is here! Another amazing cross of the famous New York City Diesel and the Big Buddha Cheese engineered into an all female auto flowering plant! With the emphasis of having a super fast flowering compact plant,...

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  • DNA GeneticsReg Super Lemon OG

    After the collaboration that produced the multi cup winning strain Super Lemon Haze, it was time to start playing with this cup winner. This the exact same Lemon that we have used to make Lemon Skunk, Lemon OG Kush, and 60 Day Lemon. In this...

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  • DinafemFem Kush'n'Cheese

    In the US and UK, OG Kush and Cheese are two of the most popular flavours and consequently two of the bestselling strains not only in their individual countries, but also in other parts of the world as well. Popularly known as the Queens of...

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  • Royal Queen SeedsFem Haze Berry

    Haze Berry is much loved in California and many other medical marijuana states. It comes from a cross between the classic Blueberry and an uplifting Sativa-dominant Haze strain. This mix offers the best of both worlds; a sweet flavour and stone along with a smooth,...

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  • Jordan of the IslandsReg God Bud

    ** CANNABIS CUP BEST INDICA WINNER 2004 ** Often imitated, never duplicated. Jordan of the Island’s God Bud genetics are the original. Our compact bracketing God Bud has a biblical marijuana reputation and is beyond praiseworthy for its taste, heavy yield and medicinal properties. God...

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  • Black SkullFem Critical Ryder

    Critical Ryder is an autoflowering combination of Critical Mass and a Skull Ryder autoflowering strain. The strong smell of the skunk is evident so you should consider this when planning your grow room while the autoflowering benefits are such that you should find this variant...

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  • OG RaskalFem White Romulan

    White Romulan

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  • Ministry of CannabisFem Nepalese Dragon

    Once again, Asia confirms itself as one of the hottest spots to get the best genetics from, and this strain is not an exception. Nepalese Dragon takes the best of the countries around the Himalaya. A Nepalese father has been crossed with a north Indian...

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  • Green LabelFem Automatic Mary

    This autoflowering variety is a cross between Ruderalis and Santa Maria. Automatic Mary has inherited the mind-blowing potency and sweet flavor of Santa Maria.With a maximum height of 40 centimeter she grows into a relative inconspicuous shrub. By growing from seed to bud in only...

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  • Homegrown FantaseedsReg The Fantasy

    Also known as 'snow white' in the Amsterdam coffeeshops because of her extremely resinous appearance & now an old time favourite. The Fantasy is one of Homegrown's most potent strains from the white family, but just a little bit quicker to mature than most other...

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  • Expert SeedsFem Blue Cheese

    Blue Cheese is a great strain based on the multiple crossed genetics of Cheese and Blueberry. Cheese, which arrived from the USA in the 80s and which is based on original Skunk genetics, was carefully nurtured and developed for both indoor and outdoor use in...

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  • DreadyFem Dready Berry

    The Dready Berry Marijuana strain is an F1 hybrid of a Blueberry and a White Widow. The intense taste of the White Widow and the aroma of the Blueberry create a blend of fruity tastes and smells. In low outdoor temperatures this cannabis plant displays...

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  • Ultra GeneticsReg Sour Grape Kush

    This cross is made from two of our favourite tasting strains. The Sour Kush mother was selected for her fantastic sweet and sour taste and strong long lasting high while our selected Grapefruit male has added a sweet fruit twist to the taste and possibly...

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  • SeedsmanReg Resinator

    The Resinator is easily one of the best hash producing strains that we sell. It has an acrid, deep hash flavour and is extremely resinous. This is a fast flowering strain which produces a clear, cerebral effect. Similar to Skunk #1 this strain will grow...

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  • Dutch PassionFem SnowBud

    SnowBud is our second "High Altitude" variety. SnowBud is a hybrid of Afghani and South African genetics. As with Pamir Gold the selection work is done in the Swiss Alpes. SnowBud (60% Sat./ 40% Ind.) has a spicy (cinnamon), skunky smell and taste, smokes very...

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  • 00 SeedsFem Sweet Critical

    Critical Mass selected for its especially sweet flavour and fruity aroma. Breed with swiss origin, has been stabilized and feminized by 00 Seeds. Meets all the best from the most powerful and aromatic Critical genetics. INDOOR: Yield: 350 - 450 gr/m2 Flowering period: 45 -...

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  • CBD CrewFem Mango Haze

    CBD Mango Haze is one of the most pleasant tasting plants in CBD Crew line up with spicy, mango, pineapple and pepper aroma, as well as one of the new releases for 2013. CBD Mango Haze has exceeded the ranges of CBD to THC and...

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